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Pro-Shot - 1-3/4' Patches (1,000)

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Pro-Shot - 1-3/4' Patches (1,000)

Pro-Shot - 1-3/4' Patches (1,000)

Experience the pinnacle of cleaning patches with Pro-Shot's 1-3/4' Patches (1,000). Crafted from 100% American-grown cotton and engineered with Superior Weave Technology (SWT), these patches are unmatched in the world of firearm cleaning.

Pro-Shot's Superior Weave Technology, characterized by a high thread count and tightly woven material, along with a double napped finish on both sides, results in cleaning patches that are celebrated worldwide for their unparalleled cleaning ability. Shooters who demand the best have shattered dozens of world records using our cleaning patches.

It's a well-known fact that nothing surpasses the absorbent power of 100% COTTON FLANNEL FABRIC when it comes to removing foreign matter and residue from your firearm's bore. Pro-Shot's cleaning patches are designed to excel in this regard, ensuring that they carry away fouling with the least abrasive contact to your barrel's rifling.

Pro-Shot's cleaning patches deliver Maximum Cleaning Power and Barrel Protection. Clean your firearm faster and easier while safeguarding your valuable barrel with Pro-Shot's 100% Cotton Flannel patches, finished on both sides for extreme absorbency.

  • American Grown: Made from the finest quality American-grown cotton, milled in America to Pro-Shot Specifications
  • Consistent Quality: Enjoy consistent thickness, shape, and a white color that signifies purity
  • Solvent Resistant: Designed to handle all types of solvents, including harsh chemicals
  • SWT - Superior Weave Technology: Exclusive thread count and weave design to catch and trap more fouling
  • Double Napped Finish: Finished on both sides for extreme absorbency
  • Reusable Packaging: Packaged in reusable zipper top bags for convenience
  • Made in USA: Proudly crafted in the United States

Trust Pro-Shot's 1-3/4' Patches (1,000) to elevate your firearm cleaning experience. Join the ranks of shooters who rely on Pro-Shot's superior cleaning technology and quality. Order your pack today and discover why Pro-Shot's cleaning patches are often imitated but never duplicated!

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