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Pro-Shot - 3/4" Patches (1000) - .17-.22 Cal. Rimfire

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  • Pack of Pro-Shot 3/4 inch square gun cleaning patches, containing 1000 white cotton flannel patches specifically designed for .17 to .22 caliber rimfire firearms. The package is transparent, displaying the neatly arranged patches and features a label with red, white, and blue colors including the American flag, product specifications, and a barcode.
  • Promotional image featuring Pro-Shot 3/4 inch square gun cleaning patches, with multiple stacks of white cotton patches displayed against a sleek black background. Text highlights the product's features such as American-grown cotton, solvent resistance, and extreme absorbency. The phrase 'World Famous Patches' is prominently displayed, along with the Pro-Shot logo and a statement about the quality being 'Designed, milled in America.
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Pro-Shot 3/4" Cleaning Patches: Precision Cleaning for .17-.22 Cal. Firearms

Introducing the Pro-Shot 3/4" Cleaning Patches, specifically crafted to cater to the cleaning needs of .17 caliber, .177 air gun, and .22 caliber rimfire firearms. This product, featuring a pack of 500 high-quality patches, combines American-grown cotton with cutting-edge design to offer the best cleaning performance on the market.

Superior Weave Technology for Unmatched Cleaning Efficiency

At the core of Pro-Shot’s 3/4" Cleaning Patches is the Superior Weave Technology (SWT). This innovation features a high thread count and tightly woven material, enhanced by a double-napped finish on both sides, ensuring that each patch offers unparalleled cleaning ability. Renowned globally, these patches have been instrumental in breaking numerous world shooting records, demonstrating their effectiveness and reliability.

The Premier Choice for Firearm Care

Pro-Shot Cleaning Patches are crafted from 100% cotton flannel, a material celebrated for its superior ability to absorb foreign materials and residue effectively. This ensures minimal abrasive contact with the firearm's barrel rifling, enhancing your gun’s longevity and performance.

Key Features of Pro-Shot 3/4" Cleaning Patches

  • Premium American Quality: Made from the finest quality cotton grown in the USA and milled to precise Pro-Shot specifications.
  • Exceptional Consistency: Each patch is uniformly thick, perfectly shaped, and white in color, ensuring consistent performance across all your cleaning sessions.
  • Chemical Resilience: Designed to withstand a variety of cleaning solvents, including harsher chemicals, making them a versatile choice for any firearm enthusiast.
  • Advanced Cleaning Technology: With the SWT design, these patches trap more fouling and feature extreme absorbency due to the double-napped finish on both sides.
  • Sustainable Packaging: Pro-Shot utilizes reusable zipper top bags for packaging, emphasizing environmental responsibility alongside product quality.
  • Proudly Made in the USA: Manufactured within the United States, these patches uphold the highest standards of quality and craftsmanship.

Optimal Cleaning and Barrel Protection

Choose Pro-Shot’s 3/4" Cleaning Patches for a cleaning experience that is both efficient and protective. These patches are known for their quality and performance, often imitated but never duplicated. They provide maximum cleaning power and superior barrel protection, allowing you to clean faster, easier, and more effectively.

Whether you are a competitive shooter, a hunting enthusiast, or a casual firearm owner, Pro-Shot’s 3/4" Cleaning Patches are the ultimate choice for maintaining your .17 to .22 caliber firearms in top condition, ensuring they perform reliably every time.

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