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SharpShoot-R Wipe-Out Accelerator, 8 oz. liquid

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SharpShoot-R Wipe-Out Accelerator - Double Cleaning Speed

SharpShoot-R Wipe-Out Accelerator - Double Cleaning Speed

Introducing the SharpShoot-R Wipe-Out Accelerator, the perfect solution for shooters who demand rapid and efficient firearm cleaning. Designed to work in conjunction with Wipe-Out, Patch-Out, and Tactical Advantage, this revolutionary product doubles the cleaning speed, ensuring your firearm is ready for action in no time.

Key Benefits:

  • Enhanced Cleaning Speed: Acceleratorª is engineered to double the speed of cleaning products like Wipe-Outª, reducing your cleaning time significantly.
  • Increased Fouling Removal: This innovative solution effectively doubles the removal of carbon and copper fouling within the same time frame, ensuring a thorough clean.
  • Perfect for Competitive Shooters: Competitive shooters with limited time between relays can now clean their firearms in 25 minutes or less when combining Wipe-Outª with Acceleratorª. No brushing requiredÑjust patch it out for a quick and effective clean!
  • Heavy Fouling Solutions: Firearms that foul heavily, such as 50 BMG, 17cal, 220 Swift, or those prone to copper or carbon fouling, can benefit greatly from Acceleratorª. It doubles the removal of troublemakers like copper and carbon, ensuring your firearm stays in top condition.
  • Barrel Break-In Made Easier: During barrel break-in, where frequent cleaning is necessary, Acceleratorª reduces the cleaning time to 15 minutes or less between shots. Spend less time cleaning and more time shooting.
  • Reload Development: Clean barrels are essential for achieving ultimate accuracy when developing new loads. Acceleratorª ensures your barrel stays clean for precise testing and groupings.
  • High-Volume Shooting: Whether you're hunting chucks, gophers, or prairie dogs, high-volume shooting sports can benefit from the Acceleratorª/Wipe-Outª combination. It adds more hours of enjoyable shooting and less cleaning time. Keep your firearms cool and clean for extended shooting sessions.

The primary goal of using the Acceleratorª/Wipe-Outª combination is to maximize your shooting hours while minimizing cleaning time. While not everyone may need this accelerated cleaning solution, it's the perfect choice for those with time constraints who want a quick and effective clean for their firearms.

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