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SharpShoot-R Precision Products

Sharp Shoot-R Wipe-Out Accelerator, 8 oz. liquid

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Unleash the Power of Sharp Shoot R Precision's WIPE-OUT ACCELERATOR™ for Faster, More Effective Firearm Cleaning


Sharp Shoot R Precision Products® is excited to introduce the latest innovation in firearm maintenance: WIPE-OUT ACCELERATOR™. This new product is designed to work exclusively with the improved versions of the "original" Wipe-Out™, Patch-Out™, and Tactical Advantage™ cleaners. WIPE-OUT ACCELERATOR™ is not just an additive; it's a game-changer for shooters who need to clean their firearms quickly and efficiently.


  1. Double the Cleaning Speed: WIPE-OUT ACCELERATOR™ is engineered to double the speed of the Wipe-Out™ cleaning process within the same time frame, making it an essential tool for competitive shooters and those with limited cleaning time.

  2. Enhanced Cleaning Capability: It doubles the amount of carbon and copper dissolved, tackling even the toughest fouling challenges in firearms that are known to foul heavily, such as the 50 BMG or those using Barnes X-Bullets.

  3. Specifically Formulated for Quick Maintenance: This product is perfect for situations requiring quick turnarounds, such as between competitive shooting relays, during barrel break-ins, or when developing new loads for ultimate accuracy.


  • Efficiency: Clean your firearm in 25 minutes or less when combined with Wipe-Out™. This is ideal for competitive shooters who operate under stringent time constraints.
  • Compatibility: Designed to be used only with Wipe-Out™, Patch-Out™, and Tactical Advantage™ to ensure the highest efficiency and safety.
  • Non-Damaging: Safe for all types of steel (both stainless and carbon) and gunstock finishes, except for shellac, varnish, or oil.
  • User-Friendly: Simple application process involves applying the accelerator to a patch, running it through the barrel, applying Wipe-Out™, and then patching out after 15-20 minutes—no brushing required.
  • Odorless and Safe: Free from acid and ammonia, offering a safer cleaning experience without harsh chemicals.
  • Indicator Colors: Features color indicators that show the presence of metal, powder, and carbon fouling, assisting in effective cleaning and maintenance.


  1. Prepare the Firearm: Ensure the breach is open and the firearm is secured.
  2. Apply the Accelerator: Wet a patch with WIPE-OUT ACCELERATOR™ and pass it through the barrel.
  3. Apply Wipe-Out™: Immediately follow with Wipe-Out™ cleaner while the barrel is still wet with the accelerator.
  4. Wait and Remove: Let the solution sit for 15-20 minutes, then use a clean patch on a jag to push through the bore. The innovative formula allows for a thorough clean without the need for a bore brush.

Packaging and Availability

WIPE-OUT ACCELERATOR™ comes in an 8-ounce plastic bottle with a flip-top lid, designed to be as efficient in the field as it is in the shop. This size is perfect for multiple cleanings, matching the effectiveness of 4 to 5 cans of traditional Wipe-Out™.


WIPE-OUT ACCELERATOR™ by Sharp Shoot R Precision Products® represents a significant advance in firearm cleaning technology. It is designed for shooters who value their time and need a quick, effective solution to maintain their firearms' performance and accuracy. This product ensures that you spend more hours shooting and less time cleaning, fulfilling every shooter's wish for a hassle-free maintenance routine.

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