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Sierra Ammunition - 300 BLACKOUT, 220 GR, FOLDS OF HONOR, MatchKing Competition

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  • Sierra MatchKing Competition Ammunition for .300 BLACKOUT, 220 grain, featuring the Folds of Honor partnership. The box is dark red and black, with details of the ballistic performance. Two copper-jacketed bullets are displayed in front of the box, highlighting the ammunition's design and commitment to supporting military families.
  • Sierra MatchKing Competition Ammunition, .300 BLACKOUT, 220 grain, Folds of Honor edition. The box features an American flag design with stars, emphasizing the partnership with Folds of Honor. Displayed are several bullets with copper jackets, showcasing the high-quality and purpose-driven design of this precision ammunition for competitive shooting.
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Sierra Ammunition Overview: 300 BLACKOUT 220 GR, Folds of Honor MatchKing Competition Rounds

Introduction: A Commitment to Excellence and Honor Sierra® Ammunition is renowned not only for its exceptional quality and performance but also for its dedication to honoring the sacrifices of military personnel and first responders. With its limited edition 300 BLACKOUT, 220 GR, MatchKing Competition rounds, Sierra supports the Folds of Honor foundation, aiding the families of heroes who have been wounded or killed in the line of duty through educational scholarships.

Supporting Folds of Honor: Ammunition with a Cause Each box of Sierra’s 300 BLACKOUT and 223 REM MatchKing Competition rounds contributes to a noble cause. A percentage of the sales is donated to the Folds of Honor foundation, which provides educational scholarships to the dependents of fallen or disabled service members. This initiative allows shooters to contribute to a significant cause while engaging in their sport, making each round fired a salute to sacrifice and legacy.

MatchKing® Bullets: Precision Engineered for Champions The MatchKing® bullet is the centerpiece of Sierra's ammunition line, known for its unmatched accuracy and stability. The 300 BLACKOUT, 220 GR rounds are equipped with hollow point boat tail (HPBT) bullets that maintain superior accuracy over long distances. This design minimizes air resistance, enhancing ballistic performance and making these rounds ideal for competitive shooting and precision practice.

Unmatched Quality and Consistency Sierra’s MatchKing Competition ammunition is synonymous with reliability and superior performance across diverse shooting platforms. Using the finest components, including top-grade brass, primers, and powder, Sierra ensures that each round delivers consistent performance. The ammunition is crafted with extremely tight tolerances, ensuring that shooters can depend on every cartridge for match-winning potential.

Versatility and Performance in Every Shot The 300 BLACKOUT, 220 GR rounds are designed to excel in various firearms, providing consistent accuracy whether used in bolt-action or semi-automatic rifles. This versatility makes Sierra's MatchKing Competition rounds a favorite among competitive shooters and precision enthusiasts who demand the best in terms of performance and reliability.

Reloadable for Continued Excellence Recognizing the preferences of serious marksmen, Sierra ensures that its MatchKing Competition ammunition is reloadable. Shooters can reuse the high-quality brass casings with their preferred MatchKing® bullets, maintaining performance and value. This feature is particularly appealing to those who customize their loads for specific shooting conditions or preferences.

Product Specifications: Ready for Competition Each package of the 300 BLACKOUT, 220 GR MatchKing Competition ammunition contains 20 rounds. The substantial 220-grain bullet weight is engineered for stability and reduced wind drift, making these rounds particularly effective for long-range shooting disciplines.

Conclusion: Excellence in Every Box Sierra’s 300 BLACKOUT, 220 GR, Folds of Honor MatchKing Competition ammunition is more than just high-performance rounds; they represent a commitment to quality, precision, and community support. By choosing Sierra Ammunition, shooters not only enhance their performance but also contribute to a meaningful cause, honoring those who have sacrificed for their country.

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.300 AAC Blackout
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MatchKing Competition
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