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Sierra Bullets

Sierra Bullets - 6.5mm 142 gr HPBT Match (100 count) - 1742

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  • Sierra Bullets 6.5mm 142 grain HPBT Match, model 1742, 100 count. Image shows a close-up of a single copper bullet with a hollow point boat tail design, isolated on a white background. The 'MatchKing' logo is displayed in a yellow circle in the corner.
  • Sierra Bullets 6.5mm 142 grain HPBT Match, model 1742, 100 count packaging. The image displays a green and yellow ammunition box featuring the Sierra logo and bullet specifications, along with illustrations of a bullet and a ram on the lid, indicating the product's intended use for precision shooting.
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Sierra Bullets - 6.5mm 142 gr HPBT Match (100 Count) - 1742: Mastering Precision in Competitive Shooting

Overview of Sierra 6.5mm 142 gr HPBT Match Bullets

The Sierra 6.5mm 142 gr HPBT Match Bullets (1742) bring unparalleled precision to competitive shooters and enthusiasts embracing the popular 6.5mm/.264 inch bore size. This caliber has seen a revival due to its historical significance and effectiveness, favored by several modern rifle manufacturers and competitive shooters alike.

Superior Aerodynamic Design for Enhanced Accuracy

These bullets are meticulously crafted to provide a competitive edge in precision shooting:

  • Extended Ogive Radius: The 142 gr #1742 bullet features a longer ogive radius compared to its 140 gr #1740 counterpart, resulting in a higher ballistic coefficient and less sensitivity to crosswinds.
  • Optimized Ballistic Performance: The HPBT (Hollow Point Boat Tail) design maximizes aerodynamic efficiency, ensuring superb stability and accuracy over long distances.

Engineered for Competitive Excellence

Sierra's MatchKing and Tipped MatchKing bullets are renowned globally for their record-setting accuracy but are generally not recommended for hunting due to their construction:

  • Varmint Hunting Capability: While capable in varmint hunting scenarios, these bullets do not provide the explosive expansion at high velocities that lighter jacketed bullets like the Hornet, Blitz, or Varminter offer.
  • Dedicated to Precision: Primarily designed for competitive shooting, these bullets excel in disciplines that require the utmost accuracy and performance.

Technical Specifications for Optimal Use

  • Caliber: 6.5mm
  • Bullet Diameter: 0.264 inches
  • Weight: 142 grains
  • Quantity: 100 bullets per package
  • Bullet Style: Hollow Point Boat Tail (HPBT) Match
  • Ballistic Coefficients and Velocity Ranges:
    • 0.595 at 2850 fps and above
    • 0.580 between 2850 and 2400 fps
    • 0.575 between 2400 and 2050 fps
    • 0.550 at 2050 fps and below
  • Recommended Barrel Twist Rate: 1 in 8 inches or faster for maximum stability and accuracy
  • Part Number: 1742

Conclusion: Sierra 6.5mm 142 gr HPBT Match Bullets for Competitive Shooting

The Sierra 6.5mm 142 gr HPBT Match Bullets (1742) are designed for shooters who seek to achieve superior precision and efficiency in their competitive shooting practices. With their advanced design and superior ballistic properties, these bullets are the preferred choice for those looking to maximize their long-range shooting capabilities in competitions. Whether you're a seasoned sharpshooter or a dedicated enthusiast, these bullets provide the performance needed to excel in today's competitive shooting environments.

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HPBT Match
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