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Sierra Bullets

Sierra Bullets - .22 Cal 80 gr HPBT Match (50 count) - 9390T

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  • Sierra Bullets .22 Caliber 80 grain HPBT Match, model 9390T, 50 count. Image shows a single copper bullet with a pointed boat tail design, isolated on a white background. The 'MatchKing' logo is displayed in a yellow circle in the corner, highlighting its precision for competitive shooting.
  • Sierra Bullets .22 Caliber 80 grain HPBT Match, model 9390T, 50 count packaging. The image shows a green ammunition box with detailed graphics of a bullet and a ram on the lid, along with the Sierra logo and bullet specifications clearly visible on the side.
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Sierra Bullets .22 Cal 80 gr HPBT Match (50 Count) - 9390T: Redefining Precision in Competitive Shooting

Introduction to Sierra's .22 Caliber Match Bullets

Experience unmatched precision and performance with Sierra Bullets' .22 Cal 80 gr HPBT Match ammunition, specially tailored for Service Rifle competitions using the M16A2/AR-15A2. Known for their consistent record-setting performance, these bullets have significantly influenced the competitive shooting landscape, propelling the M16 family of rifles to new heights in National Match competitions.

Key Features of the 80 gr HPBT Match

  • Service Rifle Dominance: Sierra's 22 caliber bullets, particularly the 80 grain #9390, have redefined Service Rifle competition standards. These bullets have become integral in helping shooters attain unprecedented levels of performance and success.
  • Optimal Twist Rate for Accuracy: The 80 grain MatchKing bullet requires a barrel twist rate of no slower than 1x8 inches. This specific twist rate is crucial for stabilizing the bullet in flight, enhancing its exceptional accuracy.
  • Unique Overall Length (OAL) Requirement: The extended length of the 80 grain MatchKing necessitates seating to an OAL that permits single loading in M16/AR-15 rifles. This specialized seating requirement highlights the bullet's tailored design for competitive shooting.

Applications and Suitability

While Sierra's MatchKing and Tipped MatchKing bullets are globally celebrated for their accuracy in setting records, they are generally not recommended for most hunting scenarios. These bullets are crafted with a focus on precision and competition rather than traditional hunting. Although they can be used for varmint hunting, they do not provide the reliable explosive expansion at typical velocities that Sierra's Hornet, Blitz, or Varminter bullets do.

Transforming Competitive Shooting

The Sierra Bullets .22 Cal 80 gr HPBT Match (50 count) - 9390T stands as a benchmark for precision and performance in the realm of competitive shooting. These bullets have revolutionized the performance of the M16 rifle family, setting numerous national records. For dedicated competitive shooters seeking the pinnacle of accuracy, this ammunition is indispensable. However, potential users should be aware of its specialized design and intended applications, as it may not suit all shooting needs.

In conclusion, if precision in competitive shooting is your goal, the Sierra Bullets .22 Cal 80 gr HPBT Match offers a proven advantage. Its specific design features and consistent performance make it a critical choice for competitors looking to excel in Service Rifle competitions.

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.22 Cal
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HPBT Match
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