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Snowy Mountain Rifles

Snowy Mountain Rifles - Short Action Orbendorf Aluminum Flex System 3.00" Standard Magazine & BDL Combo Kit (Includes: Bottom Metal Body, Lid,Tensioner, Lever, 3.00" Standard Magazine, Assembled)

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Snowy Mountain Rifles Orbendorf Flex System 3.00": Standard Magazine & BDL Combo Kit

Snowy Mountain Rifles Orbendorf Flex System: A New Era in Rifle Customization

Introducing the Snowy Mountain Rifles Short Action Orbendorf Aluminum Flex System, featuring a 3.00" Standard Magazine and BDL Combo Kit. This groundbreaking system revolutionizes rifle customization, offering a versatile, ultra-lightweight solution for shooters.

Transformative Rifle Customization

The Orbendorf Flex System is a novel innovation allowing for quick conversion from a traditional BDL to a magazine-fed rifle. This flexibility is a significant leap forward for shooters who demand versatility and performance.

Exceptional Features of the Orbendorf Flex System

  • Dual-Configuration Bottom Metal Body: Comes with a Bottom Metal Body designed for both BDL and magazine-fed setups, featuring proprietary cuts for a precise fit.
  • Ultra-Lightweight All-Aluminum Design: The system weighs only 5.4 oz, setting a new standard for lightweight, all-aluminum magazine systems.
  • Secure Tensioning System: Includes a tensioner for a snug magazine fit, or remove it to effortlessly revert to a BDL setup.
  • Comprehensive Kit Inclusions: The kit contains the Bottom Metal Body, Tensioner, 3.00" Standard Magazine, Lever, and Lid, all assembled for ease of use.
  • Standard 3.00" Magazine Compatibility: Designed for 3.00" standard magazines, catering to diverse shooting styles and preferences.

Elevate Your Shooting Experience

Embrace the innovation of the Snowy Mountain Rifles Orbendorf Aluminum Flex System. Whether for hunting or competitive shooting, this kit offers the ultimate in flexibility, lightweight design, and functionality. Order now to redefine your rifle's capabilities.

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