ThorroClean Bore Cleaning System - 118ml Bottles

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Experience Unmatched Firearm Bore Cleaning with ThorroClean Bore Cleaning System - 118ml Bottles: Elevate Your Shooting Experience Introducing the ThorroClean Bore Cleaning System in convenient 118ml bottles, a revolutionary solution that takes firearm bore cleaning to a new level of excellence. Crafted with cutting-edge technology and meticulous precision, this system is designed to thoroughly clean your firearm's bore, ensuring enhanced accuracy, reliable performance, and extended longevity. Whether you're a dedicated marksman, a competitive shooter, or a firearm enthusiast, the ThorroClean Bore Cleaning System is an essential companion for peak shooting performance. Key Features: Advanced Cleaning Formula: The ThorroClean Bore Cleaning System features an advanced formula that effectively penetrates and breaks down stubborn fouling, residue, and carbon buildup. This formula is meticulously designed to target contaminants that can affect your firearm's accuracy and function. Thorough Bore Cleaning: This system offers a comprehensive cleaning experience that leaves no corner untouched. The 118ml bottles come with precision applicators that allow you to easily apply the cleaning solution directly to the bore, ensuring a thorough and deep clean. Enhanced Accuracy: By removing fouling and buildup that can affect barrel harmonics, the ThorroClean Bore Cleaning System contributes to improved accuracy. Experience consistently accurate shots that hit the mark with every trigger pull. Effortless Application: The precision applicators make it easy to apply the cleaning solution precisely where it's needed. This targeted approach minimizes waste and ensures that the cleaning solution reaches even the most hard-to-reach areas of your firearm's bore. Long-Lasting Performance: The 118ml bottles offer a generous amount of cleaning solution, allowing for multiple applications. This ensures that you have a reliable and effective cleaning solution on hand for your regular maintenance routines. Why Choose ThorroClean Bore Cleaning System - 118ml Bottles? Opting for the ThorroClean Bore Cleaning System brings a multitude of benefits: Advanced Cleaning Power: The cutting-edge formula effectively breaks down and removes fouling, ensuring a clean and clear bore for optimal performance. Precision Application: The included applicators allow for precise application, ensuring that the cleaning solution reaches every nook and cranny of your firearm's bore. Enhanced Accuracy: By maintaining a clean and clear bore, you can experience improved accuracy and consistent shot placement. Convenience: The 118ml bottles offer ample cleaning solution for multiple applications, providing you with a reliable cleaning solution that lasts. Elevate your shooting experience with the ThorroClean Bore Cleaning System - 118ml Bottles. Experience precision cleaning, enhanced accuracy, and reliable firearm performance with this revolutionary cleaning solution. Trust in ThorroClean's commitment to excellence to ensure that your firearm remains in peak condition, ready to deliver accurate shots every time you pull the trigger.
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3 Reviews

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    ThorroClean Bore cleaning system

    Posted by Tom Lyon on Nov 2nd 2023

    Awesome! Works for Powder burners and Airguns. Great product!

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    Thorroclean Bore Cleaning System

    Posted by Steve Berg on Oct 26th 2023

    Very good product. Only drawback I can find is the Flush seems to "bead" on the patch unlike most solvents that are absorbed.

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    Posted by Mike on Aug 19th 2023

    Followed instructions using a bronze brush in my 6 mm br Kreiger barrel. Barrel has just over 2000 rounds thru it with some fire cracking present. This makes cleaning more difficult than a new barrel. The Thorroclean did a wonderful job with just 15 strokes back and forth. Checked with a bore scope and the carbon was pretty much gone. Ran a few more patches with both Thorroclean and thorroflush working the first inch of rifling and now carbon ring was completely gone. I was done in 10 minutes. My usual cleaning process usually takes a couple days letting the barrel soak with wipe out products. I will still use both products but the Thorroclean works great for getting the barrel super clean.

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