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Bix'n Andy Remington 700 TacSport PRO - X, Single Stage, Top Left Safety, w/ Gator shoe

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Elevate Your Shooting Experience with the Bix'n Andy Remington 700 TacSport PRO - X Trigger: Single Stage, Top Left Safety, and Gator Shoe The Bix'n Andy Remington 700 TacSport PRO - X Trigger is the epitome of precision and control, designed to help you achieve unparalleled shooting accuracy. If you demand the very best from your firearm and want a trigger system that sets new standards, look no further. With a single-stage design, top left safety, and the distinctive Gator shoe, this trigger is a game-changer for competitive shooters, long-range enthusiasts, and hunters alike. Precision Perfected: Every component of the TacSport PRO - X Trigger is engineered to the highest standards, ensuring flawless performance and consistency with every shot. If you're seeking the pinnacle of precision shooting, this trigger is your answer. Key Features: Single-Stage Excellence: The single-stage trigger design is renowned for its simplicity and precision. With no initial take-up, you'll experience a crisp and consistent trigger break that enhances your accuracy. Top Left Safety: The top left safety configuration provides easy access to the safety mechanism while maintaining a comfortable shooting position. It's quick to engage and disengage, ensuring your safety and control. Gator Shoe: The Gator shoe is an iconic feature that sets this trigger apart. Its distinctive design offers a comfortable and ergonomic trigger finger placement, allowing for precise control and confidence in every shot. Adjustable Pull Weight: Fine-tune the trigger's pull weight to match your preferences and shooting style (3.5oz - 2.2lbs), ensuring a personalized shooting experience that maximizes accuracy and control. Why Choose the Bix'n Andy TacSport PRO - X Trigger? Enhanced Accuracy: The single-stage trigger design, combined with the Gator shoe, delivers a crisp and consistent trigger break that improves your shooting accuracy. Whether you're competing, hunting, or shooting for sport, this trigger gives you the precision edge you need. Competitive Advantage: Gain a competitive edge with a trigger that's trusted by professional shooters worldwide. The TacSport PRO - X Trigger ensures you can make those critical shots, even under pressure. Bix'n Andy Quality: Bix'n Andy is synonymous with precision and excellence in the world of shooting. Their triggers are known for their impeccable craftsmanship and unmatched performance, making them a top choice among discerning shooters. Invest in Precision Shooting Excellence: Don't compromise on your shooting performance. Equip your Remington 700 with the Bix'n Andy TacSport PRO - X Trigger, Single Stage, Top Left Safety, and Gator Shoe today. This trigger system is a transformational upgrade that turns your rifle into a precision instrument, consistently delivering accurate shots. Whether you're competing for trophies, pursuing game in the wilderness, or simply enjoying the art of shooting, the TacSport PRO - X Trigger will redefine your shooting excellence. Make every shot count. Elevate your Remington 700 with the Bix'n Andy TacSport PRO - X Trigger, Single Stage, Top Left Safety, and Gator Shoe today, and experience the pinnacle of precision shooting. Join the ranks of satisfied shooters who have elevated their game with this exceptional trigger system. Order now and redefine your shooting excellence.
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Additional Information

Stainless Steel
Model / Type:
TacSport Pro-X
Receiver Type:
Remington 700
Safety Position:
Top Left Safety
Single Stage
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1 Review

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    Posted by Mark Vogel on Dec 24th 2023

    Have been running TT Diamonds for a few years but recently grabbed one of these off a prize table and fell in love. Ordered another that week. Trigger break is super clean and can get crazy light if that's your thing. I run around 10oz. I really grown to love the deep follow-through after the break. Gator shoe is fantastic as well.

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