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Vortex Optics

Vortex Optics - Micro6x Magnifier

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  • In the image is the Vortex Optics Micro6x Magnifier. Like its sibling, the Micro3x, this device is intended to work with a red dot or holographic sight to magnify the target image. The magnifier provides 6x magnification, doubling the power of the Micro3x, for even greater range capability. It also features a flip mount, allowing the shooter to quickly switch between magnified and unmagnified views without detaching the device. The build is compact and robust, with an easy-to-use focus adjustment on the ocular end and a durable black finish. This type of optical accessory is particularly useful for shooting scenarios where variable distances are involved and quick transitions between sighting modes are needed.
  • The uploaded image appears to be promotional material from Vortex Optics for their Micro6x magnifier. It shows a person aiming a rifle, with the magnifier aligned behind a red dot sight. This setup allows a shooter to quickly switch between no magnification for close-range targets and 6x magnification for engaging targets at longer distances. The caption "ALIGN YOUR MAGNIFIER WITH YOUR RED DOT" suggests that the image is likely part of instructions or tips for properly setting up and using the magnifier with a red dot sight for optimal performance.
  • ortex Optics Micro6x magnifier against other products, possibly within Vortex's lineup, or against competitors. This kind of comparison is typical in marketing materials to highlight the size, features, or compatibility of different optics accessories. The Micro6x Magnifier is designed to work in conjunction with a red dot or holographic sight to provide additional magnification. The comparison likely points out the physical size differences, magnification levels, or field of view aspects of each option.
  • The image appears to be a content layout for the Vortex Optics Micro6x Magnifier, which would typically show everything included with the purchase. You can expect to see the magnifier itself, mounting hardware, adjustment tools, and possibly a flip mount that allows for quick transitioning between magnified and unmagnified viewing. The product box and any included documentation, like a user manual or warranty information, would also be shown. These layouts are helpful for consumers to know exactly what they will receive and to understand the features and accessories that come with the magnifier.
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Vortex Optics Micro6x Magnifier

Vortex Optics Micro6x Magnifier: Extend Your Range

The Vortex Optics Micro6x Magnifier offers a powerful, compact solution to enhance your red dot sight, providing a 6x optical zoom that brings distant targets into clear focus. Built with durability and precision in mind, this magnifier is designed to seamlessly integrate onto your rifle for quick transitions between close and extended range targeting.

Key Specifications

  • Objective Lens Diameter: 28 mm
  • Linear Field of View: 19.1 feet @ 100 yds
  • Angular Field of View: 3.7 degrees
  • Eye Relief: 2.5 inches
  • Length: 4.3 inches
  • Weight: 10.9 oz

Enhanced Durability and Clarity

Constructed from aircraft-grade aluminum and featuring fully multi-coated lenses, the Micro6x Magnifier is built to last. Nitrogen gas purging ensures fogproof and waterproof performance, while its shockproof design can withstand the highest levels of recoil and impact. The snag-free design, with recessed turrets, ensures smooth operation and handling.

Easy Integration and Use

Equipped with a quick-release flip mount, the Micro6x Magnifier can be easily attached or removed from your rifle, allowing for rapid switching between magnified and unmagnified aiming. The included riser plates and screw sets provide versatile mounting options to suit your shooting style.

What's Included

  • Quick-Release Flip Mount
  • 3 Screw Sets
  • 1.93 inch Riser Plate
  • Lower 1/3 Co-Witness Riser Plate
  • Rubber Lens Covers
  • Lens Cloth
  • 3mm Hex Tool

With the Vortex Optics Micro6x Magnifier, you're not just extending your range; you're enhancing your tactical flexibility. Whether for competition, hunting, or tactical use, the Micro6x Magnifier is your solution for seeing further and hitting targets with precision.

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Additional Information

Model / Type:
Micro:"Magnification Range=6x":"Scope Objective Diameter=28mm"
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