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Watson Loading Block - 6 ppc, 35 Rounds, Coco Bolo

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Watson Loading Block - 6 PPC, 35 Rounds, Coco Bolo

Watson Loading Block - 6 PPC, 35 Rounds, Coco Bolo

Discover the ultimate in precision and elegance with the Watson Loading Block for 6 PPC caliber, capable of holding 35 rounds. Crafted from exquisite Coco Bolo wood, this loading block is a must-have for reloaders seeking style and functionality.

Key Features

Precision-Machined Design

Experience unmatched accuracy with our precision-machined design. Each cartridge hole is perfectly aligned, providing a smooth and efficient reloading process.

6 PPC Caliber Compatibility

Specifically tailored for the 6 PPC caliber, this loading block ensures a snug and secure fit for your cartridges, making it an ideal choice for competitive shooters and precision reloaders.

Ample Capacity

With the ability to hold 35 rounds, this loading block allows for efficient organization and inspection of your reloaded cartridges, enhancing your reloading workflow.

Stunning Coco Bolo Wood

Not just a functional tool, but also a piece of art. The Coco Bolo wood construction boasts beautiful grain patterns and rich, warm colors, adding a touch of elegance to your reloading bench.

Non-Marring Design

Our loading block's smooth surface and precise machining protect your cartridge cases from marring or scratching, keeping them in pristine condition.


Efficiency in Reloading

Maximize your reloading efficiency with the Watson Loading Block. Its precision and capacity allow for a more streamlined reloading process.

Caliber-Specific Convenience

Designed specifically for 6 PPC caliber cartridges, this loading block ensures perfect fit and alignment, reducing the risk of cartridge damage during reloading.

Visual Appeal

Enhance the aesthetics of your reloading space with the elegant Coco Bolo wood construction, making this loading block a proud display piece as well as a practical tool.

Organizational Advantage

Organize your reloaded cartridges effectively with a capacity of 35 rounds, allowing for systematic inspection and processing.


Built to last, the Watson Loading Block combines precision machining with quality materials, ensuring long-term durability and reliability.


The Watson Loading Block in 6 PPC caliber, with a capacity of 35 rounds and crafted in Coco Bolo wood, is an indispensable tool for precision reloaders and competitive shooters. Its combination of form and function provides an unmatched reloading experience. Enhance your reloading process with precision, organization, and style. Order now and transform your reloading bench into a showcase of efficiency and elegance.

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Additional Information

6mm PPC
Coco Bolo
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