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Wyatt's Outdoor, Inc

Wyatt's Outdoor, Inc - 6.5 PRC KIT

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Wyatt's Outdoor, Inc - 6.5 PRC Kit

Wyatt's Outdoor, Inc - 6.5 PRC Kit

Introducing the specialized 6.5 PRC Kit from Wyatt's Outdoor, Inc, designed to enhance the functionality of short action rifles using the PRC cartridge family. Tailored for precision, this kit brings a critical upgrade for shooters looking to extend their rifle's capabilities.

Kit Components

  • PRC Box: A premium stainless steel magazine box, modified with an adjusted window location for optimal PRC cartridge accommodation. This extended box supports a cartridge overall length of 2.985 inches, allowing for improved cartridge feeding and cycling.
  • Follower: Precision-engineered for smooth action and consistent feeding.
  • Spring: Durable, high-tension spring ensures reliable feeding through every shot.

Features and Benefits

The 6.5 PRC Kit is a must-have for enthusiasts seeking to upgrade their shooting experience. The stainless steel construction ensures durability and resistance against the elements, while the extended box design allows for the use of longer cartridges, enhancing the ballistic performance of your rifle. Whether for competitive shooting or hunting, this kit provides the reliability and precision you need.

Upgrade your rifle today with Wyatt's Outdoor, Inc's 6.5 PRC Kit and experience the difference in performance and reliability. This kit not only improves your rifle's functionality but also extends its versatility across various shooting disciplines.

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Additional Information

Load Port:
Mag Capacity:
Stainless Steel
Model / Type:
6.5 PRC Kit
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