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Wyatt's Outdoors - MBE-3 KIT

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Wyatt's Outdoors MBE-3 Kit | Enhanced Magazine Box for Precision Shooting

Wyatt's Outdoors MBE-3 Kit: Revolutionize Your Rifle's Feeding System

Elevate your shooting experience with the Wyatt's Outdoors MBE-3 Kit, a comprehensive upgrade for your rifle's magazine system. Designed for precision shooters and enthusiasts, this kit offers enhanced functionality and reliability for various cartridges.

Extended Magazine Box

At the heart of the MBE-3 Kit is the extended magazine box. This component is engineered as an advanced version of standard factory boxes, allowing for a cartridge overall length of up to 3.825 inches. This extended capacity is ideal for shooters who require additional cartridge length for optimal performance and precision.

Compatibility and Design

The magazine box is meticulously designed to accommodate cartridges with case diameters larger than standard belted cases, making it a versatile choice for a wide range of rifles. Its robust construction ensures durability and long-lasting performance under various shooting conditions.

Enhanced Follower

The kit includes an extended follower, expertly crafted to minimize the fore and aft travel during the feeding process. This feature enhances the smoothness and reliability of cartridge feeding, ensuring seamless operation and improved shooting accuracy.

High-Quality Spring

A high-grade spring completes the MBE-3 Kit, ensuring consistent tension and reliable feeding. The spring is designed to work harmoniously with the magazine box and follower, providing a cohesive and efficient feeding system for your rifle.

Easy Installation and Operation

Installation of the MBE-3 Kit is straightforward, making it accessible for both experienced shooters and those new to rifle customization. Once installed, the enhanced magazine system operates seamlessly, offering a noticeable improvement in feeding efficiency and reliability.

Key Specifications

  • Extended Magazine Box Length: 3.825 inches
  • Compatibility: Cartridges larger than standard belted cases
  • Components: Magazine box, extended follower, high-quality spring


The Wyatt's Outdoors MBE-3 Kit is an essential upgrade for any serious shooter looking to enhance their rifle's functionality and performance. Its extended design, compatibility with larger cartridges, and improved feeding mechanics make it a top choice for precision shooting and hunting enthusiasts.

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