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XLR Industries

XLR Industries - Element 4.0 MG Chassis, Remington 700 LA, Ridgeway Blue, Smoke Carbon Buttstock, Carbon Fiber Ultralight Grip, Folder

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XLR Industries - Element 4.0 MG Chassis

XLR Industries - Element 4.0 MG Chassis for Remington 700 LA

The Element 4.0 Magnesium Chassis from XLR Industries sets a new standard for the backcountry hunter seeking the ultimate in lightweight, modular rifle design. This state-of-the-art chassis system is specifically engineered for those who demand the best in performance and weight savings.

Ultra-Lightweight Design

At the core of the Element 4.0's design is the use of AZ61A Magnesium, resulting in a chassis block that weighs between 16 to 20 ounces depending on the action inlet. When equipped with a carbon fiber buttstock and grip, the total system weight is a mere 28 ounces. This groundbreaking design makes the Element 4.0 the world's first rifle chassis system to weigh under 2 lbs!

Advanced Features for Precision Shooting

Enhancements such as a built-in bubble level and an integrated RRS 1.5" dovetail (Arca-Swiss) in the forend elevate the shooting experience, offering stability and precision for the most demanding hunters. Additionally, the chassis is M-LOK compatible, allowing for easy customization with a wide range of accessories.

Ready to Ship Options

For those eager to get their hands on this innovative chassis without the wait, purchasing from Bullet Central ensures immediate availability and shipping. Conversely, orders placed directly with XLR Industries may face up to a 20-week lead time. Choose the convenience and speed of Bullet Central for your Element 4.0 MG Chassis needs.

Compatibility and Customization

The Element 4.0 chassis system supports AICS pattern magazines, offering versatility in magazine selection. Its design also accommodates AR-style flat top grips and buttstocks, ensuring a high degree of customization to fit the shooter's preference. Notably, the multi-point radial cut inlet of the chassis eliminates the need for traditional glass bedding, simplifying installation and maintenance.

Embrace the future of hunting with the XLR Industries Element 4.0 MG Chassis. Its unmatched lightweight design, combined with advanced features and immediate availability through Bullet Central, makes it the premier choice for hunters venturing into the backcountry.

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