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XLR Industries

XLR Industries - Element 4.0 MG Chassis, Vampire Inlet, Cerakote VA Multi-Cam, Smoke Carbon Buttstock, Carbon Fiber Grip, Folder

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Element 4.0 MG Chassis - XLR Industries

XLR Industries - Element 4.0 MG Chassis

The Element 4.0 MG Chassis by XLR Industries is a revolution in backcountry hunting, offering an ultra-lightweight and modular design for the discerning outdoorsman. Engineered for extreme lightweight performance, this chassis sets a new standard for hunting rifle platforms. With its Vampire Inlet, Cerakote VA Multi-Cam finish, Smoke Carbon Buttstock, Carbon Fiber Grip, and Folder configuration, it's the ultimate choice for hunters seeking precision and mobility in the wild.

Unmatched Ultralight Design

The Element 4.0 MG Chassis is a game-changer in hunting gear. When configured with a carbon fiber buttstock and carbon fiber grip, this chassis system weighs just 28 ounces, making it the first rifle chassis in the world to weigh under 2 pounds! Even the standalone chassis, depending on the action inlet, can be as light as 16 ounces. Its ultralight design ensures that hunters can carry it effortlessly through rugged terrain, without compromising on strength and durability.

Exceptional Materials

Machined from AZ61A Magnesium, the Element 4.0 MG retains all the strength and durability that XLR Industries' rifle chassis systems are known for, while significantly reducing weight. This makes it the ultimate choice for backcountry hunters who demand both ruggedness and lightweight performance. It's designed to withstand the harshest outdoor conditions while remaining incredibly lightweight.

Key Features

  • Chassis Block Weight: 16 - 20 ounces (varies depending on action inlet).
  • Material: Machined from solid AZ61A Magnesium.
  • Arca-Swiss/RRS Railing: Integrated Arca-Swiss/RRS railing into the bottom forend. New Models have RRS Lock.
  • M-LOK Compatible: Yes, the Element chassis system is M-LOK compatible.
  • Detachable Magazines: Yes, the Element chassis system comes standard with an integrated detachable box magazine system (Magazine sold separately).
  • Magazine Type: The Element chassis system Utilizes AICS pattern magazines.
  • Bedding Required: No, XLR's multi-point radial cut inlet eliminates the need for traditional Glass Bedding.
  • Compatibility: Accepts AR-style flat top grips and AR-style buttstock.
  • New Features: Built-in bubble level, and machined-in RRS 1.5" dovetail (Arca-Swiss) in the forend.

The Ultimate Backcountry Companion

Whether you're trekking through the wilderness or stalking elusive game, the XLR Industries Element 4.0 MG Chassis is your ultimate backcountry companion. Its unparalleled lightweight design, Cerakote VA Multi-Cam finish, and advanced features make it the perfect tool for precision hunting. Explore the Element 4.0 MG Chassis and redefine your hunting experience today.

Why Choose XLR Industries

XLR Industries is synonymous with quality and innovation in firearm accessories. Our commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction has made us a trusted name in the industry. When you choose XLR Industries, you're choosing gear that's built to perform in the toughest conditions, giving you the confidence to take on any hunting challenge.

Elevate Your Hunting Game

Ready to elevate your hunting game to new heights? The XLR Industries Element 4.0 MG Chassis is the answer. With its unmatched lightweight design and rugged durability, it's the perfect choice for hunters who demand precision and performance. Gear up for success with XLR Industries.

In Conclusion

In conclusion, the XLR Industries Element 4.0 MG Chassis is a game-changer in the world of backcountry hunting. Its innovative design, ultralight materials, and advanced features redefine what's possible in a hunting rifle chassis. Experience the difference for yourself and take your hunting to the next level with the Element 4.0 MG Chassis from XLR Industries.

Explore the possibilities and start your next hunting adventure with XLR Industries today!

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