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XLR Industries

XLR Industries - Smoke Carbon Fiber Grip

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XLR Industries Smoke Carbon Fiber Grip

XLR Industries - Smoke Carbon Fiber Grip

Step into the future of rifle grips with the Smoke Carbon Fiber AR Grip from XLR Industries. Weighing just 1.14 oz, this grip sets a new standard in lightweight design without compromising on strength or aesthetics. It's perfect for shooters who value minimalism and efficiency in their setup.

Product Details

Crafted from 35-50 Carbon Fiber and featuring skeletonized vents, the Smoke Carbon Fiber AR Grip is one of the sleekest and lightest AR-style grips available. Its 18-degree off-centerline angle ensures perfect hand alignment on AR platforms and bolt action rifle chassis systems, providing a comfortable and ergonomic experience for every shot.

Grip Compatibility

This grip's flat top standard AR15 interface makes it a versatile choice for various carbine models, particularly those requiring a minimalist and lightweight approach. Compatible with all XLR chassis systems and many other manufacturers that use the AR15 interface, it's a favorite among rifle hunters for its aesthetic appeal and significant weight savings.

Carbon Grip Durability

One of the most common inquiries about the Smoke Carbon Fiber Grip is its durability under tough conditions. XLR Industries has rigorously tested this grip in extreme environments, from harsh skree fields to rugged rocky terrains. Customers have also reported its resilience in various challenging situations, assuring its capability to withstand substantial wear and tear.

Lightweight Design, Heavyweight Performance

The Smoke Carbon Fiber Grip is a testament to XLR Industries' commitment to innovative design. Its ultra-lightweight nature does not hinder its performance, offering both recreational and competitive shooters an enhanced experience without the extra weight.

Aesthetics Meets Functionality

Beyond its functional benefits, this grip also excels in its aesthetic appeal. Its sleek carbon fiber construction and modern design make it a visually striking addition to any rifle, complementing the overall look while improving handling and comfort.


  • Weight: 1.14 oz.
  • Material: 35-50 Carbon Fiber.
  • Angle: 18 degrees off centerline.
  • Compatibility: Standard AR15 interface; fits various carbine and chassis systems.

Enhance your shooting experience with the Smoke Carbon Fiber AR Grip by XLR Industries. Lightweight, durable, and aesthetically pleasing, it's the ideal upgrade for any shooter looking to optimize their rifle's performance and appearance.

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