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Zermatt Arms

Zermatt Arms - RimX Action, 22 LR (17 MACH2), Left Bolt, Tear Drop Knob, 30 MOA

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Introducing the Zermatt Arms RimX Action: Your Gateway to Unparalleled Precision When it comes to achieving exceptional accuracy and performance in rimfire shooting, the Zermatt Arms RimX Action stands as a testament to innovation and precision engineering. Designed with meticulous attention to detail, this RimX Action variant in 22 LR (17 MACH2) caliber, featuring a Left Bolt configuration, Tear Drop Knob, and a 30 MOA (Minutes of Angle) scope base, promises an unrivaled shooting experience for both enthusiasts and competitive marksmen. Unleash Your Potential with Precision Engineering Zermatt Arms is renowned for its commitment to producing high-quality rifle actions that redefine precision shooting. The RimX Action is no exception, embodying the brand's dedication to excellence in every aspect. Crafted with precision engineering, this action ensures flawless operation and consistent performance, allowing you to push the boundaries of your shooting capabilities. A Versatile Caliber Choice Whether you're looking to excel in 22 LR or the nimble 17 MACH2 caliber, the RimX Action delivers exceptional results. The action's compatibility with these rimfire calibers opens the door to various shooting applications, from target shooting and varmint hunting to plinking and more. Enjoy the inherent advantages of rimfire ammunition with the added assurance of Zermatt Arms' craftsmanship. Enhanced Ergonomics with Left Bolt and Tear Drop Knob The Left Bolt configuration of the RimX Action is designed to cater to left-handed shooters, ensuring ergonomic comfort and intuitive handling. Combined with the Tear Drop Knob, which provides a tactile and secure grip, you'll experience fluid bolt manipulation and quicker follow-up shots. The Tear Drop Knob's design is not just functional; it's an aesthetic statement that reflects the precision within. Elevate Your Long-Range Game with 30 MOA For those who seek to conquer the challenges of long-range shooting, the RimX Action's 30 MOA scope base is an essential feature. With a built-in 30 MOA cant, this action offers increased elevation adjustment range, allowing you to engage distant targets without the limitations of standard scope mounts. This design element enhances your ability to compensate for bullet drop and external factors, ultimately resulting in more accurate shots. Seamless Integration and Customization The Zermatt Arms RimX Action is crafted with compatibility in mind, ensuring seamless integration with a variety of rifle chassis and stocks. This adaptability empowers you to build your dream rifle, tailored to your specific shooting style and preferences. Whether you're a competitive shooter, a seasoned hunter, or a dedicated hobbyist, the RimX Action serves as the ideal foundation for your firearm project. In Conclusion Elevate your shooting experience with the Zermatt Arms RimX Action in 22 LR (17 MACH2) caliber, Left Bolt configuration, Tear Drop Knob, and 30 MOA scope base. Precision-engineered for consistent and reliable performance, this action is a testament to Zermatt Arms' dedication to pushing the boundaries of precision shooting. Embrace the power of versatility, ergonomics, and enhanced long-range capabilities by making the RimX Action the centerpiece of your rifle build. Experience precision like never before Ð redefine your shooting journey with Zermatt Arms.
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Additional Information

Model / Type:
Stainless Steel
Round 1.35in
Bolt Orientation:
Bolt Fluting:
Bolt Face Diameter:
.378 +/-
Bolt Knob Style:
Tear Drop
Load Port:
Magazine / Hinged Floor Plate
Ejection Port:
Picatinny Rail:
Bolt On
Minute of Angle:
30 MOA
Recoil Lug:
Extractor Type:
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