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Ace Precision

Ace Precision Muzzle Brake - .30 cal, 5/8x24, stainless

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Ace Precision Muzzle Brake: Tunable Excellence for .30 cal Rifles

Introducing the Ace Precision Muzzle Brake, a game-changing accessory for .30 caliber rifles with a 5/8x24 thread pitch. Designed with precision and adaptability in mind, this stainless steel brake offers a unique tunable feature that sets it apart from the competition.

Customizable Recoil Control

The ACE brake's tunability is its standout feature, allowing shooters to perfectly align the brake with their rifle's recoil pattern. Indicator lines on both the brake and the collar provide a precise reference for rotation, enabling shooters to achieve a vertical recoil path. This ensures consistent performance and accuracy shot after shot. Once the ideal setting is found, a simple tightening of the collar with an allen wrench secures the adjustment, allowing for easy removal and reattachment without losing your calibration.

Effortless Installation and Consistency

To guarantee ease of installation and consistent results, the ACE brake incorporates a 3/8" hex head at the end. This thoughtful design feature ensures that attaching and detaching the brake is straightforward, maintaining consistent alignment with each use.

Enhanced Shooting Experience

The ACE brake's design focuses on shooter comfort and effectiveness. Straight side ports minimize lateral blast, directing it away from the shooter and ensuring a more enjoyable experience. Additionally, the strategic placement of three rows of holes on the top of the brake optimizes recoil reduction and keeps the firearm level, enhancing accuracy without directing blast back at the shooter.

With its innovative tunable system, easy installation, and shooter-focused design, the Ace Precision Muzzle Brake is the perfect upgrade for shooters looking to enhance their .30 caliber rifle's performance and shooting comfort.

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Additional Information

Muzzle Device Type:
Muzzle Brakes
Model / Type:
Gen 3
.30 Cal
Port Count:
Muzzle Tenon:
Stainless Steel
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