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Eley Ammunition

Eley Ammunition - Target .22LR 40GR RN - QTY 50

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  • Box of Eley Target .22LR 40 grain RN ammunition, quantity 50 rounds. The box is presented in a vibrant yellow color with the black and white Eley logo. This economically priced ammunition is designed for practice and casual target shooting, featuring a round nose design that ensures reliable performance and accuracy for shooters looking to hone their skills.
  • Box of Eley Target .22LR 40 grain RN ammunition, quantity 50 rounds, displayed alongside two individual cartridges. The box is bright yellow with the black and white Eley logo prominently displayed. This ammunition is favored for its reliability and cost-effectiveness, featuring a round nose design that provides consistent performance for recreational shooting and basic target practice.
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ELEY Target .22LR 40GR RN Ammunition

ELEY Ammunition - Target .22LR 40GR RN - QTY 50

Step into the precision world of ELEY with the ELEY Target .22LR 40GR RN ammunition. Designed for shooters who demand the best in terms of consistency and accuracy, ELEY Target is your entry point to ELEY's renowned shooting performance.

Product Specifications

  • Bullet Profile: Round Nose, ensuring smooth feeding and consistent accuracy.
  • Cartridge Length: 25.4mm / 1 inch, perfectly crafted for reliable cycling.
  • Bullet Weight: 40 grain (2.59 grams), optimized for stability and precision.
  • Velocity: 1090 ft/s at muzzle, 994 ft/s at 50m, and 935 ft/s at 100yds, delivering excellent performance across all distances.
  • Lubricant: Beeswax-tallow mix, for superior lubrication and protection.

Exceptional Shooting Experience

ELEY Target ammunition is manufactured to ELEY's rigorous specifications, benefiting from electronic visual inspection and test proofing. The adherence to small lot quantities and the application of statistical process control techniques ensure that every round delivers reliability and performance. This meticulous manufacturing process makes ELEY Target ideal for shooters looking to achieve the highest degree of accuracy and consistency in their shooting sports.

Discover the difference ELEY Target can make to your shooting performance. Embrace the precision that comes with every round.

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.22 LR
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