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Eley Ammunition

Eley Ammunition - Club .22LR 40GR RN - QTY 50

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  • Box of Eley Club .22LR 40 grain RN ammunition, quantity 50 rounds. The packaging is featured in a vibrant orange color with the white and black Eley logo, designed specifically for club and recreational shooters. This ammunition provides excellent reliability and performance, making it a popular choice for both new shooters and experienced marksmen engaged in practice shooting and informal competitions.
  • Box of Eley Club .22LR 40 grain RN ammunition, quantity 50 rounds, displayed alongside two individual cartridges. The box is a vibrant orange with the white and black Eley logo, tailored for club and recreational shooters. Known for its excellent reliability and consistent performance, this ammunition is ideal for both practice and informal competitions, providing great value for routine shooting activities.
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ELEY Club .22LR 40GR RN Ammunition

ELEY Ammunition - Club .22LR 40GR RN - QTY 50

Unlock your shooting potential with ELEY Club .22LR 40GR RN ammunition. Specially formulated for the competitive shooter, ELEY Club is a step above our entry-level sport cartridge, designed to provide the edge in competitions.

Product Specifications

  • Bullet Profile: Round Nose, for consistent performance and reliability.
  • Cartridge Length: 25.4mm / 1 inch, precision-engineered for optimal cycling.
  • Bullet Weight: 40 grain (2.59 grams), ideal for accuracy and stability.
  • Velocity: 1085 ft/s at muzzle, 994 ft/s at 50m, and 935 ft/s at 100yds, ensuring exceptional performance across distances.
  • Lubricant: Paraffin wax, for reduced friction and enhanced barrel life.

Key Benefits

ELEY Club is meticulously tested to surpass the accuracy standards demanded by competitive club shooters. Its precision and reliability make it suitable for all 25m and 50m shooting disciplines. Whether you're aiming for personal bests or competing at the club level, ELEY Club is engineered to provide superior accuracy and consistent performance.

Step up to ELEY Club and experience the difference in your competitive shooting performance.

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Additional Information

.22 LR
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