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American Precision Arms

American Precision Arms - Gen 3 Self Timing Muzzle Brake, Fat Bastard, 3/4X24, 6.5mm, Stainless

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APA Gen 3 Self Timing Muzzle Brake: Fat Bastard

American Precision Arms - Gen 3 Self Timing Muzzle Brake: Fat Bastard, 3/4X24, 6.5mm, Stainless

American Precision Arms (APA) is thrilled to announce the release of the highly anticipated Generation 3 Fat Bastard muzzle brake. This latest iteration represents APA's commitment to innovation, performance, and precision in response to the demands of long-range shooters and hunters alike.

Breaking the Mold with Advanced Design

The development of the Gen 3 Fat Bastard was driven by APA's dedication to exceeding the expectations of the long-range shooting and hunting communities. Incorporating high-level performance with distinctive design enhancements, APA has crafted a muzzle brake that significantly improves accuracy and performance in the field and at the range.

Key Features:

  • Advanced Unique Recoil Profile (URP) Top Ports: Allows shooters to fine-tune muzzle movement for precise target retention, combating direct recoil, muzzle rise, and lateral movement.
  • Directionally Effective Ports: Strategically placed to maximize pressure build-up reduction, with 10 tunable gas ports for a customizable shooting experience.
  • Recoil and Muzzle Movement Reduction: Incorporates an additional row of Bastard ports to eliminate more recoil than ever before, ensuring a truly neutral sight picture.
  • New Lock-Nut Design: Ensures perfect muzzle placement without carbon ring formation, over-rotation, and provides a stronger lock-up.


Diameter: 1.10", Length: 3.5", Weight: 7.2 oz, Barrel Diameter Compatibility: .850 or larger.

Installation and Tuning

With endless combinations to keep your sights on target, the Gen 3 Fat Bastard offers a straightforward installation process. Begin with all gas screws installed and adjust as necessary based on recoil observation, ensuring your rifle maintains perfect alignment with every shot.

Embrace the pinnacle of precision and performance with APA's Gen 3 Self Timing Muzzle Brake: Fat Bastard. Designed for shooters who demand the very best, this muzzle brake is an essential upgrade for those looking to elevate their long-range shooting capabilities.

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Additional Information

Muzzle Device Type:
Muzzle Brakes
Model / Type:
Fat Bastard
Port Count:
Muzzle Tenon:
Stainless Steel
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