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American Precision Arms

American Precision Arms - Gen 3 Self Timing Muzzle Brake, Fat Bastard, 3/4X24, 6mm, Stainless

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American Precision Arms: Gen 3 Fat Bastard Muzzle Brake

Introducing the highly anticipated Generation 3 Fat Bastard Muzzle Brake by American Precision Arms. Meticulously engineered for the long-range and hunting enthusiasts, this latest iteration brings unparalleled recoil reduction and muzzle stability to the forefront of precision shooting.

Breaking New Ground in Performance

The Gen 3 Fat Bastard is the culmination of APA's relentless innovation and dedication to excellence. Features include:

  • Unique Recoil Profile (URP) Top Ports: Customizable gas ports to combat recoil, muzzle rise, and lateral movement for a stable sight picture.
  • Advanced Design: The addition of a fifth Bastard port section significantly diminishes recoil, enhancing shooter comfort and accuracy.
  • New Lock-Nut Design: Guarantees perfect muzzle placement, eliminating over-rotation and ensuring a stronger lock-up.

Technical Specifications

  • Diameter: 1.10 inches
  • Length: 3.5 inches
  • Weight: 7.2 oz
  • Thread: 3/4X24
  • Caliber Compatibility: Up to 6mm
  • Material: Stainless Steel

Enhanced Shooting Experience

The Gen 3 Fat Bastard not only aims to reduce recoil but also to refine the shooter's experience by allowing for personalized adjustments. This level of customization ensures that each shooter can achieve the most comfortable and effective shooting stance, tailored to their unique specifications.

Why Choose Gen 3 Fat Bastard?

With its state-of-the-art features and robust construction, the Gen 3 Fat Bastard stands as a testament to APA's commitment to pushing the boundaries of what's possible in precision shooting. Whether you're engaging in long-range competitions or embarking on a hunting expedition, this muzzle brake is designed to elevate your performance and precision.

Experience the difference with the Gen 3 Fat Bastard Muzzle Brake from American Precision Arms and redefine your shooting accuracy and consistency.

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Additional Information

Muzzle Device Type:
Muzzle Brakes
Model / Type:
Fat Bastard
Port Count:
Muzzle Tenon:
Stainless Steel
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