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Atlas Development Group

Atlas Development Group - 28 Nosler Anneal Line 50pc Box

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Atlas Development Group 28 Nosler Anneal Line: Precision Reloaded

ADG 28 Nosler Anneal Line: Redefining Reloading Precision

Optimized for Enhanced Strength and Consistency

Atlas Development Group's 28 Nosler Anneal Line Brass stands out in the reloading industry. By focusing on optimizing material geometry, ADG has crafted brass that excels in both consistency and durability. Unlike standard brass, this line offers a unique case volume, making it imperative for reloaders to adjust their charge weight to achieve desired pressures and velocities.

Specific Load Development Recommendations

ADG emphasizes safe reloading practices, advising users to reduce existing charge weights by 10% when transitioning to their brass. This precaution is crucial to avoid potentially unsafe pressure levels that may occur when replacing components in a load recipe. Starting with minimum recommended loads from reputable sources is also suggested for optimal results.

Detailed Specifications for Reloading Precision

The 28 Nosler Anneal Line Brass, available in a retail box of 50 pieces, boasts meticulous specifications. With an average case weight of 262.5 grains and a case volume of 101.5 grains/H2O, combined with an average neck wall thickness of .016", these brass cases are designed for precision and reliability in various shooting applications.

Caliber and Finish Details for Versatile Use

Geared towards 28, 7mm calibers, and featuring a bright, standard finish, this brass from Atlas Development Group is suitable for a wide range of shooting disciplines, from competitive target shooting to hunting. The quality of finish ensures both functionality and aesthetic appeal, meeting the high standards expected by serious marksmen.

Atlas Development Group: Commitment to Precision in Every Round

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