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Hornady Ammunition - 7mm PRC 175 Gr ELD-X (80712) (Qty 20)

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Unlock Precision and Power with Hornady Ammunition - 7mm PRC 175 Gr ELD-X (80712) (Qty 20) Step into the realm of precision and potency with Hornady Ammunition's 7mm PRC 175 Gr ELD-X (80712). Engineered to deliver exceptional accuracy and terminal performance, these rounds redefine what's possible in long-range shooting and hunting scenarios. Whether you're pursuing elusive game or engaging targets at extended distances, these rounds are designed to provide consistent results that exceed expectations. Key Features: * Precision and Power: Hornady Ammunition's 7mm PRC 175 Gr ELD-X (80712) is carefully crafted to combine precision accuracy with formidable stopping power, making it an ideal choice for hunters and shooters seeking the best of both worlds. * Cutting-Edge ELD-X Bullet: The 175-grain ELD-X (Extremely Low Drag - eXpanding) bullet integrates advanced design with a polymer tip, ensuring remarkable accuracy and controlled expansion upon impact for efficient terminal performance. * Match-Grade Components: Loaded with match-grade components, these rounds guarantee consistent ballistic performance, allowing you to consistently hit your mark with each shot. * Enhanced Ballistic Coefficients: The ELD-X bullet's aerodynamic design features high ballistic coefficients, optimizing trajectory and minimizing wind drift for exceptional long-range accuracy. * Effective Terminal Effectiveness: The ELD-X bullet's Heat Shield tip and InterLock ring ensure controlled expansion upon impact, delivering deep penetration and reliable terminal results. * Optimized Velocity: Hornady's meticulous attention to powder and primer selection optimizes velocity, resulting in consistent ballistics and predictable performance. * Versatile Shooting Performance: Whether you're hunting game or competing in precision shooting matches, these rounds offer versatile performance to excel in various shooting environments. * 20 Rounds Per Box: Each purchase includes a box containing 20 rounds, providing ample ammunition for extended practice or hunting endeavors. * Legacy of Excellence: Hornady's commitment to producing premium ammunition is reflected in their reputation for quality, accuracy, and performance. * Elevated Long-Range Shooting: Utilize the potential of the 7mm PRC cartridge and the precision of the ELD-X bullet to achieve impressive shot groupings at extended distances. * Craftsmanship You Can Trust: Hornady Ammunition is manufactured with expert craftsmanship and rigorous quality control measures, ensuring each round meets the highest industry standards. * Confident Shooting: The 7mm PRC 175 Gr ELD-X (80712) ammunition instills confidence, enabling you to focus on your shooting technique without concern for ammunition performance. Experience the convergence of accuracy and stopping power with Hornady Ammunition's 7mm PRC 175 Gr ELD-X (80712). Whether you're embarking on a hunting expedition or aiming for precision in competition, these rounds are meticulously designed to exceed your expectations. With a fusion of state-of-the-art technology and skilled engineering, Hornady delivers ammunition that's poised to elevate your shooting prowess. Unleash precision and powerÑsecure your supply of Hornady Ammunition's 7mm PRC 175 Gr ELD-X (80712) today and witness the difference in your shooting results.
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