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Bartlein Barrels

Bartlein Barrel - SS, 6mm, B#3 Heavy Sporter, 10 twist, 27'' blank, 5R

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Bartlein Barrels: Precision Engineered for Optimal Performance

Bartlein Barrels: Unmatched Precision with 5R Rifling

At Bartlein Barrels, we specialize in crafting the B#3 Heavy Sporter barrel in SS 6mm, featuring a 10 twist, 27'' blank, and 5R rifling. Our barrels are designed for shooters who demand the highest level of accuracy and performance. Whether for competitive shooting, hunting, or creating a custom rifle, Bartlein Barrels provides the quality and precision you need.

Why Choose Bartlein Barrels?

Our commitment to precision starts with our selection of materials and manufacturing processes. We use pre-hardened, aircraft-certified 416 stainless steel for our receivers and 4340 chrome moly for our bolts, ensuring durability and consistent performance. The single-point cut rifling process we employ is renowned for its ability to produce barrels with minimal internal stress, leading to better accuracy and a longer barrel life.

The Impact of Barrel Contours and Fluting

Barrel contours play a significant role in the weight and handling of your rifle. While heavier contours can reduce the impact of recoil and improve shot stability, our expertise shows that precision is not solely dependent on weight. Our barrels, including those with lighter contours, maintain exceptional accuracy.

Fluting enhances a barrel in several ways: reducing weight, improving cooling, and adding a distinctive aesthetic. However, it's essential to balance fluting depth to avoid any potential impact on barrel harmonics and accuracy.

Advantages of 5R Rifling

The 5R rifling pattern offers significant advantages over traditional rifling by reducing bullet deformation and improving bullet flight. This leads to enhanced accuracy and reduced chances of bullet failure. While most bullets perform exceptionally well with 5R rifling, we've found that certain short jacket 6mm bullets may not, indicating the importance of matching bullet design to rifling style for optimal performance.

Customizing Your Bartlein Barrel

Every shooter's needs are unique, and at Bartlein Barrels, we understand the importance of customization. Whether you're looking for a specific contour, rifling pattern, or length, our barrels can be tailored to meet your exact specifications. Our goal is to provide you with a barrel that not only meets but exceeds your expectations for accuracy and performance.

Choose Bartlein Barrels for your next rifle project and experience the difference precision engineering makes. Let our barrels be the foundation of your success, whether in competition, hunting, or personal firearm projects.

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Additional Information

Caliber / Bore Size:
B#3 Heavy Sporter
27in Blank
Stainless Steel
Twist Rate:
1 in 10.00in
Groove Type:
# Grooves:
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