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Bartlein Barrels

Bartlein Barrel - SS, 6mm, B#6 Heavy Target, 9 twist, 27'' blank, 5R

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Bartlein Precision Barrels: Unrivaled Accuracy and Performance

Bartlein Barrels: Precision Engineered for Excellence

Discover the unmatched precision of Bartlein Barrels' stainless steel, 6mm B#6 Heavy Target, 9 twist, 27'' blank with 5R rifling. Crafted for those who demand the best in competitive shooting, our barrels are designed to deliver world-class accuracy with minimal recoil.

Why Barrel Contour Matters

Barrel contour significantly influences weight, heat dissipation, and harmonic vibrations, impacting overall shooting performance. While heavier contours provide stability against barrel movement and heat, Bartlein's precision cut rifling ensures optimal performance regardless of contour, minimizing the importance of contour in stress induction.

Suppressor Compatibility

Attaching suppressors to barrels affects harmonic vibrations. For optimal performance, Bartlein recommends using suppressors with medium palma contour or heavier barrels to maintain accuracy and minimize harmonic disruption.

The Superiority of Single Point Cut Rifling

Bartlein's single point cut rifling is preferred over button rifling for its ability to maintain consistent bore sizes without inducing stress, ensuring unparalleled accuracy and longevity of barrel life.

Understanding Fluting Benefits

  • Weight Reduction: Fluting removes material, lightening the barrel without compromising its contour.
  • Enhanced Cooling: Increased surface area from fluting allows for quicker heat dissipation.
  • Aesthetic Appeal: Many choose fluting for its distinctive look, adding a custom touch to their barrel.

Rifling: The Heart of Precision

Bartlein offers various rifling styles, including 4-groove, 5R, and conventional-5, each designed to enhance bullet flight and accuracy. The 5R rifling, in particular, minimizes bullet deformation, improving performance without compromising on barrel life.

Choose Bartlein Barrels for your next competitive shooting or hunting adventure and experience the difference precision engineering makes. Visit our website or contact us for more information on how to elevate your shooting performance with Bartlein Barrels.

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Additional Information

Caliber / Bore Size:
B#6 Heavy Target
27in Blank
Stainless Steel
Twist Rate:
1 in 09.00in
Groove Type:
# Grooves:
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