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Bartlein Barrels

Bartlein Barrel - SS, 7mm, B# 1.250" Straight, 9 twist, 32" blank, 5R

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Bartlein Barrel - Precision Craftsmanship for Superior Performance

Bartlein Barrel - Stainless Steel, 7mm, B# 1.250" Straight, 9 Twist, 32" Blank, 5R

Precision Craftsmanship for Exceptional Performance

Experience the art of precision shooting with the Bartlein Barrel - Stainless Steel, 7mm caliber. Our commitment to excellence shines through in every aspect of this barrel's design and construction. We've curated a comprehensive guide to help you understand how various factors, including contours, barrel weight, rifling, and more, can impact your shooting experience.

Let's address some common questions:

Do Contours Affect Barrel Weight and Performance?

Yes, contours play a role in both barrel weight and performance. Heavier contours are known to resist barrel movement and wandering as the barrel heats up during shooting. However, Bartlein Barrels stands out for its single point cut rifling, which eliminates stress in the barrel blank. This reduces the significance of contour compared to button-made barrels.

Does Contour Affect Shooting?

Contour can affect shooting, particularly in terms of shooter comfort and fatigue. Heavier barrels help shooters handle recoil more effectively and shoot more rounds over extended periods. While lighter contours can perform exceptionally well, the choice depends on your preferences and requirements.

Should Suppressors Be Used with Any Barrel Contour?

No, suppressors can influence shooting performance and are typically recommended for heavier barrels. They can affect the harmonic vibrations of the barrel, making heavier contours more suitable. We advise against using suppressors on anything smaller than a medium palma contour.

Why Single Point Cut Rifling?

Bartlein Barrels' commitment to precision led us to adopt single point cut rifling. Unlike button rifling, which can induce stress and affect bore sizes, single point cut rifling ensures consistent and reliable performance. It also prevents issues with bore size changes during threading the muzzle for attachments like muzzle brakes or suppressors.

Let's Explore Fluting:

Why Is Fluting Important?

Fluting offers several advantages, including weight reduction without changing the contour, improved barrel cooling due to increased surface area, and an aesthetic appeal that many shooters appreciate. It's essential to maintain a minimum depth for fluting to avoid potential issues related to harmonic vibrations.

Does Fluting Make the Barrel Stiffer?

Fluting can reduce the stiffness of a barrel compared to an unfluted one. However, the impact on stiffness depends on how you measure it. Bartlein Barrels' precision ensures that fluting maintains the desired balance between weight reduction and barrel performance.

The Significance of Rifling

Rifling plays a crucial role in barrel performance. We offer three rifling styles: 4-groove, 5R, and Conventional-5. While the number of grooves doesn't significantly impact accuracy or barrel life, the 5R rifling style stands out for its ability to reduce bullet failure. The gentler angle on the lands and odd number of lands contribute to this advantage, helping maintain accuracy.

What Style of Rifling Should I Get?

The choice of rifling style depends on your specific needs. Our 5R rifling has demonstrated its ability to improve bullet performance and flight. While it excels in most situations, it's essential to consider specific bullet types, such as short jacket 6mm bullets, which may not favor the 5R style.

Unlock the full potential of your shooting experience with Bartlein Barrel's precision-crafted stainless steel 7mm barrel. Explore our range of options and discover how our commitment to craftsmanship and innovation can elevate your shooting performance.

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Additional Information

Caliber / Bore Size:
B# 1.250" Straight
32in Blank
Stainless Steel
Twist Rate:
1 in 09.00in
Groove Type:
# Grooves:
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