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Bartlein Barrel - SS, 7mm, B# 1.250" Straight, 9 twist, 33'' blank, 5R

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Unleash the Precision: Bartlein Barrel SS 7mm B# 1.250" Straight, 9 Twist, 33'' Blank, 5R When it comes to precision shooting and long-range accuracy, every component of your firearm matters, and the Bartlein Barrel SS 7mm B# 1.250" Straight, with its 9 twist rate, 33'' blank, and 5R rifling, is designed to help you achieve your marksmanship goals with unparalleled accuracy. Exceptional Craftsmanship and Quality Bartlein has a well-deserved reputation for uncompromising craftsmanship and commitment to quality. This stainless steel barrel is no exception, as it's meticulously crafted to provide you with exceptional durability and performance. The precision machining and attention to detail that go into every Bartlein barrel are evident in the outstanding shooting experience it delivers. Optimized for Long-Range Precision The 7mm caliber is highly favored by long-range shooters for its excellent ballistic performance and minimal wind drift. The 9 twist rate of this Bartlein barrel is specifically designed to stabilize heavy, high-ballistic-coefficient bullets, making it ideal for extended-range shooting. Whether you're a competitive precision shooter or a seasoned long-range hunter, this barrel will help you reach and consistently hit targets at distances you never thought possible. 1.250" Straight Profile - Stability and Control The 1.250" Straight profile offers enhanced stability and control, two critical factors in achieving long-range accuracy. It provides the necessary rigidity for consistent shot placement while remaining manageable in terms of weight. This profile excels across various shooting disciplines, from benchrest competition to tactical long-range shooting. Innovative 5R Rifling One of the standout features of the Bartlein Barrel SS 7mm B# 1.250" Straight is its innovative 5R rifling. Unlike traditional rifling, 5R rifling reduces bullet deformation and fouling, resulting in improved accuracy and easier maintenance. Spend more time shooting and less time cleaning, all while enjoying enhanced performance. Precision Manufacturing for Consistency Each Bartlein barrel is meticulously machined to tight tolerances and undergoes rigorous quality control. This ensures that every barrel consistently delivers exceptional accuracy and reliability. With Bartlein, you can trust that your shots will hit their mark, shot after shot. Why Choose Bartlein? Bartlein barrels are a benchmark of excellence in the shooting community. Top-tier competitive shooters, precision marksmen, and hunters around the world rely on Bartlein for precision and consistency. When you select a Bartlein barrel, you're choosing a legacy of innovation and performance that spans generations. Unleash Your Long-Range Potential The Bartlein Barrel SS 7mm B# 1.250" Straight, with its 9 twist rate, 33'' blank, and 5R rifling, is more than just a barrel; it's a precision tool that unlocks your full long-range shooting potential. Whether you're competing in precision shooting competitions or pursuing game at extreme distances, this barrel will be your trusted ally, delivering accuracy, consistency, and confidence with every shot. Experience the profound difference that precision makes in long-range shooting with the Bartlein Barrel SS 7mm B# 1.250" Straight. Elevate your shooting game and reach new levels of accuracy and performance. Your journey to long-range excellence begins here. Enhance your firearm's performance with Bartlein Barrels, where precision meets perfection. Key Features: Bartlein Barrel SS 7mm caliber barrel 1.250" Straight profile 9 twist rate 33'' barrel blank 5R rifling Precision shooting Stainless steel barrel Long-range accuracy Bartlein Barrel for marksmen
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Additional Information

Caliber / Bore Size:
B# 1.250" Straight
33in Blank
Stainless Steel
Twist Rate:
1 in 09.00"
Groove Type:
# Grooves:
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