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BAT firing pin - HR, 3LL

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BAT Firing Pin - HR, 3LL | Factory Replacement

BAT Firing Pin - HR, 3LL

Ensure your BAT action operates with unmatched precision and reliability with our BAT Firing Pin - HR, 3LL, a direct factory replacement designed for seamless compatibility and performance enhancement.

Compatibility and Specifications

Our firing pins are tailored to fit your specific BAT action model, with detailed guidelines to ensure you select the right components for your rifle's needs.

  • Pre-2014 Actions: Originally used .250 diameter pins. Due to stock limitations, upgrading to the new .280 components is recommended, including a new Pin, Spring, and Shroud. Your existing cocking piece remains compatible.
  • Post-2014 Actions: Utilize the new .280 pin with a standard 0.070 diameter firing pin tip, designed for enhanced precision and performance.
  • EX and EXS Actions: Feature a .37 body diameter with a standard 0.087 diameter firing pin tip, offering exceptional reliability and accuracy.

Note: For EX and EXS bolts equipped with the CheyTac (.650) bolt face, some bolts have been reworked to a reduced .070 diameter firing pin tip. It is essential to measure your bolt to confirm the firing pin tip size accurately.

Ensure Optimal Performance

Choosing the correct firing pin for your BAT action is crucial for maintaining the rifle's accuracy and reliability. Our replacement firing pins are engineered to meet the highest standards, providing you with confidence in every shot.

For more information on selecting and installing your BAT Firing Pin - HR, 3LL, please contact our customer service team.

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