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BAT Machine

BAT Machine - Bolt Assembly, Right Hand, Standard Knob, Polished, Diamond Fluting, Mag Bolt Face, Right Eject, Sako Extractor, for Model B, DS and MB

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BAT Machine Right-Hand Bolt Assembly: Precision Engineered for Excellence

Upgrade Your Rifle with BAT Machine Right-Hand Bolt Assembly

Introducing the BAT Machine Right-Hand Bolt Assembly, a pinnacle of precision engineering designed to enhance the performance, reliability, and aesthetics of your Model B, DS, or MB rifle. This exceptional bolt assembly integrates a blend of functionality and elegance, featuring a Standard Knob, Polished Diamond Fluting, Mag Bolt Face, Right Eject, and a Sako Extractor, transforming your rifle into a high-performance masterpiece.

Precision Engineering for Superior Performance

The bolt assembly is the heart of any rifle, and BAT Machine has invested its vast expertise into creating an assembly that meets the rigorous demands of competitive shooters, hunters, and precision marksmen. Every component is engineered to provide unmatched reliability and precision, ensuring your Model B, DS, or MB achieves peak performance.

Ergonomic Standard Knob for Enhanced Control

Featuring a Standard Knob, this bolt assembly offers a classic, ergonomic grip that facilitates precise and comfortable bolt manipulation. This design ensures you maintain ultimate control and accuracy during critical moments, enhancing your shooting experience.

Polished Finish with Diamond Fluting for Aesthetics and Efficiency

The Polished finish not only adds a luxurious aesthetic to your rifle but also enhances durability and resistance to wear and corrosion. The unique Diamond Fluting further elevates the look while reducing weight and improving cooling, allowing for consistent performance, even in rapid-fire situations.

Mag Bolt Face for Versatile Cartridge Compatibility

With the Mag Bolt Face design, this bolt assembly accommodates a wide array of cartridges, offering exceptional versatility for various shooting disciplines. Whether you're engaging in precision shooting, hunting, or long-range competitions, this bolt assembly adapts to your needs.

Smooth and Reliable Right Eject Functionality

The Right Eject feature ensures spent cases are efficiently cleared away from your line of sight, allowing for uninterrupted focus and target acquisition. This consistent and reliable ejection mechanism enhances your shooting rhythm and accuracy.

Robust Sako Extractor for Flawless Extraction

Equipped with a Sako Extractor, known for its robust and positive extraction capabilities, this bolt assembly guarantees smooth and consistent extraction of spent cases under any conditions, ensuring your rifle operates flawlessly with each shot.

Experience the BAT Machine Difference

Choosing BAT Machine's Right-Hand Bolt Assembly means investing in a product that not only elevates the performance and reliability of your Model B, DS, or MB rifle but also enhances its visual appeal. Embrace the excellence of BAT Machine's precision engineering and craftsmanship to unlock the full potential of your rifle.

Discover the full range of premium rifle components from BAT Machine and transform your firearm into a precision instrument. Elevate your shooting experience with unmatched quality and performance.

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Additional Information

Bolt Face Diameter:
.540 +/-
Bolt Fluting:
Bolt Knob Style:
Bolt Orientation:
Ejection Port:
Extractor Type:
Stainless Steel
Model / Type:
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