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BAT Machine

BAT Machine - Bolt Assembly, Right Hand, Tactical Knob, Nitrided, Shallow Spiral Fluting, .308 Bolt Face, Right Eject, Slide Plate Extractor, for Model VR

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BAT Machine Bolt Assembly for Model VR Rifles

BAT Machine Bolt Assembly for Model VR Rifles: Precision Engineering for Optimal Performance

Discover the ultimate upgrade for your Model VR rifle with the BAT Machine Bolt Assembly. Tailored for the discerning shooter, this assembly brings together a suite of advanced features designed to enhance your shooting precision and reliability.

Key Features:

  • Tactical Knob: Ensures quick, efficient bolt manipulation with a solid grip, even in challenging conditions.
  • Nitrided Finish: Offers a sleek, corrosion-resistant surface and increased durability for reliable performance in any environment.
  • Shallow Spiral Fluting: Reduces weight without compromising strength, facilitating faster cycling and improved shooting speed.
  • .308 Bolt Face: Optimized for the .308 Winchester family of cartridges, ensuring smooth and reliable feeding.
  • Right Eject: Efficiently ejects spent casings to the right, minimizing distractions and interference with optics or accessories.
  • Slide Plate Extractor: Provides consistent ejection and minimizes malfunctions, for flawless operation shot after shot.

Unmatched Durability and Style

The BAT Machine Bolt Assembly is not just about functionality; it's also about durability and aesthetics. The nitrided finish enhances the bolt's lifespan, while the shallow spiral fluting adds a touch of elegance to your rifle.

Optimized Performance

Designed specifically for Model VR rifles, this bolt assembly is the perfect choice for shooters who demand the best. Whether for competitive shooting or hunting, it offers the reliability and precision you need.

Why Choose BAT Machine?

With a commitment to precision engineering and quality components, BAT Machine stands at the forefront of firearm innovation. This bolt assembly exemplifies our dedication to providing shooters with the tools they need to succeed.

Elevate Your Shooting Experience

Upgrade to the BAT Machine Bolt Assembly for your Model VR rifle and witness a significant enhancement in performance and reliability. Embrace the precision engineering and quality that BAT Machine is known for, and take your shooting to the next level.

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Additional Information

Bolt Face Diameter:
.470 +/-
Bolt Fluting:
Bolt Knob Style:
Bolt Orientation:
Ejection Port:
Extractor Type:
Slide Plate
Stainless Steel
Model / Type:
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