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BAT Machine

BAT Machine - Firing Pin Assembly, Nitrided, for Model CT

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BAT Machine - Firing Pin Assembly for Model CT

Enhance Your Model CT Rifle with BAT Machine's Firing Pin Assembly

Improve the ignition reliability and overall performance of your Model CT rifle with the precision-engineered Firing Pin Assembly from BAT Machine, finished in durable Nitrided coating for enhanced durability and performance.

Unmatched Reliability

Known for precision engineering, BAT Machine's Firing Pin Assembly is designed to meet the high expectations of precision shooters, hunters, and firearms enthusiasts. Experience a notable improvement in ignition reliability, ensuring consistent performance in various conditions.

Precision-Machined for Excellence

Comprising high-quality, precision-machined components, each part of the assembly is subjected to stringent quality controls. These components are built to endure, providing unwavering performance and reliability over time.

Superior Ignition Reliability

At its core, the Firing Pin Assembly enhances your rifle's ignition reliability, ensuring precise and consistent primer strikes. This crucial improvement aids in maintaining accuracy and shooter confidence across all activities.

Durability with Nitrided Finish

The Nitrided finish on the Firing Pin Assembly not only boosts the component's visual appeal but also its resistance to wear and corrosion, promising longevity and sustained peak performance under harsh conditions.

Simplified Installation

Designed for hassle-free installation, this assembly offers an efficient upgrade path for your Model CT rifle. It's suitable for both expert gunsmiths and firearm enthusiasts eager to enhance their rifle's capabilities.

Commitment to Quality by BAT Machine

Every Firing Pin Assembly reflects BAT Machine's dedication to quality and precision. By choosing BAT Machine, you invest in a legacy of excellence, ensuring that your rifle meets the highest standards of performance.

Upgrade Your Rifle Today

For Model CT rifle owners aiming for improved ignition reliability, the BAT Machine Firing Pin Assembly with Nitrided finish represents an ideal enhancement. Invest in your firearm's performance and reliability by upgrading today.

Enhance your shooting experience and ensure your rifle's performance with BAT Machine's Firing Pin Assembly. Trust in our legacy of precision and reliability.

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