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BAT Machine

BAT Picatinny Rail, SS, 0MOA, black, for 1.55" model B, MB, DS, M, CT, L, 3L, 3LL

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BAT Picatinny Rail - Precision-Machined Scope Mount for BAT Actions

BAT Picatinny Rail - Elevate Your BAT Action with Precision

When it comes to mounting scopes on BAT actions, the BAT Picatinny Rail sets the standard for precision and reliability. Our in-house machining ensures a perfect fit and a matched look to complement your BAT action. Discover why BAT Picatinny Rails are the go-to choice for shooters seeking top-notch scope mounting solutions.

Precision Machined In-House

At BAT, we take pride in crafting our Picatinny bases in-house. This hands-on approach guarantees the highest level of quality and craftsmanship. Our experienced machinists meticulously machine each rail to ensure a flawless fit and finish, enhancing the overall aesthetics and performance of your BAT action.

Optimal Length for Versatility

The BAT Picatinny Rail is designed with versatility in mind. This rail is precisely cut to be 5.735 inches long, making it suitable for full-length installation on a model B, DS, or 3L action. Whether you require extended mounting space or prefer a more compact setup, our Picatinny Rail accommodates your specific needs, ensuring you have the flexibility to configure your BAT action to your preference.

Mounting Screws Included

We understand the importance of a hassle-free installation process. That's why every BAT Picatinny Rail comes with mounting screws included. No need to search for compatible hardware; we provide everything you need to securely attach your rail to your BAT action. We believe in making your shooting experience as convenient as possible.

Weight Variations for Your Specific Model

The weight of the BAT Picatinny Rail may vary slightly depending on your BAT action model and shape. On average, these precision-engineered rails weigh approximately 6.2 ounces. While weight is a crucial consideration for shooters, rest assured that our Picatinny Rails strike a balance between durability and portability, ensuring your setup remains manageable without compromising on performance.

Invest in Precision and Reliability

When you choose the BAT Picatinny Rail, you're investing in precision and reliability. Our commitment to delivering top-quality scope mounting solutions is unwavering. BAT Picatinny Rails are designed to elevate your shooting setup, providing the perfect platform for mounting scopes with confidence and accuracy. Experience the difference that precision machining and craftsmanship can make in your shooting experience.

Choose BAT for Unmatched Quality

Join the ranks of shooters who trust BAT for their scope mounting needs. Our Picatinny Rails are a testament to our dedication to quality and performance. When you choose BAT, you're choosing a brand synonymous with excellence in the shooting community. Elevate your BAT action and discover the unmatched quality and precision of BAT Picatinny Rails.

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