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BAT Machine

BAT Trigger Hanger 0-30 for BAT 3 Lug

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BAT Trigger Hanger 0-30 for BAT Actions | Precision Firearm Accessories

BAT Trigger Hanger 0-30 for BAT Actions

Enhance Your BAT Action Rifle with Precision

Elevate the performance of your BAT action rifle with the BAT Trigger Hanger 0-30. Crafted from high-quality aluminum, this trigger hanger kit is designed exclusively for BAT actions, offering you enhanced control and accuracy in every shot.

Key Features:

  • Adjustable Design: The BAT Trigger Hanger 0-30 kit includes an adjustable hanger, allowing you to fine-tune your trigger for optimal performance. It comes complete with two mounting screws and two trigger pins for easy installation.
  • Compatibility: Please note that some BAT actions manufactured prior to 2014 may not require or support the adjustable hanger. Most of our repeater actions already have the trigger hanger integrated into the action and are not replaceable or adjustable.


Ensure the BAT Trigger Hanger 0-30 is a perfect fit for your rifle. It is compatible with the following BAT action models:

  • 2 LUG Actions: SV, S, SB, B, DS, MB, M, CT, L
  • TR Hanger Exclusive: The TR hanger is exclusively designed for the repeater model TR.
  • 3 LUG Actions: 3L and 3LL

Upgrade your BAT action rifle with the BAT Trigger Hanger 0-30, and experience the precision and control that BAT actions are known for. Achieve the perfect shot with ease, knowing you have the right tool for the job.

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