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BAT Trigger Hanger 0-30 for BAT two lug action

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BAT Trigger Hanger 0-30 for BAT Two Lug Action

BAT Trigger Hanger 0-30 for BAT Two Lug Action

Explore the BAT Trigger Hanger 0-30, a precision-crafted aluminum component designed exclusively for BAT two lug actions. This kit comes complete with two mounting screws and two trigger pins, ensuring that your BAT action is equipped for optimal performance.

Compatibility with 2 LUG Actions

The BAT Trigger Hanger 0-30 is compatible with a range of 2 LUG action models, including:

  • SV
  • S
  • SB
  • B
  • DS
  • MB
  • M
  • CT
  • L

Whether you own one of these BAT models or considering an upgrade, this trigger hanger kit can provide essential adjustments for your shooting needs.

Exclusive to Repeater Model TR

The TR hanger featured in this kit is exclusive to the repeater model TR. If you own or plan to acquire a TR repeater action, this trigger hanger is a valuable addition to enhance your shooting experience.

Compatibility with 3 LUG Actions

In addition to 2 LUG actions, the BAT Trigger Hanger 0-30 is also compatible with 3 LUG actions, specifically the models:

  • 3L
  • 3LL

Whether you're a competitive shooter or a firearm enthusiast, the compatibility of this hanger with 3 LUG actions ensures versatility and performance.

Enhance Your Shooting Experience

Investing in the BAT Trigger Hanger 0-30 for your BAT two lug action or TR repeater model can help you achieve precision and control in your shooting. Its adjustable design allows you to fine-tune your trigger setup, ensuring a personalized and optimized experience every time you take a shot.

Ensure you have the advantage of a responsive and finely-tuned trigger system by adding the BAT Trigger Hanger 0-30 to your BAT action. Order yours today and elevate your shooting performance.

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