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BC Custom - Carbon Fiber Shroud & Tensioner Kit, FX Impact M3 w/ FX Clamp, 500mm

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BC Custom Carbon Fiber Shroud & Tensioner Kit for FX Impact

Enhance Your FX Impact with BC Custom's Carbon Fiber Shroud & Tensioner Kit

Introducing the BC Custom Carbon Fiber Shroud & Tensioner Kit for the FX Impact, equipped with the FX Clamp in a 500mm length. This premier upgrade is designed for airgun enthusiasts seeking to elevate their shooting experience through precision, performance, and customization.

Enhanced Accuracy and Consistency

The Carbon Fiber Shroud & Tensioner Kit significantly improves the performance of your FX Impact air rifle. By reducing rifle weight and dampening shot noise, it provides a stealthier shooting experience. The tensioner enhances shot-to-shot consistency by minimizing barrel vibrations, resulting in tighter shot groups and precise targetingÑideal for both competitive shooters and hunters.

Durable and Lightweight Carbon Fiber

Made from high-quality carbon fiber, this kit offers the perfect blend of durability and lightness. The exceptional strength-to-weight ratio of carbon fiber ensures added rigidity and a stylish look that complements your rifle's design.

Easy Installation with FX Clamp

Designed for ease of installation, the kit includes an FX Clamp for a secure and stable attachment to your FX Impact. This user-friendly setup allows for more shooting time and less tinkering.

Customization Options

This kit not only boosts your rifle's performance but also offers customization options. With the 500mm length and other available options, you can personalize your FX Impact to suit your specific shooting needs and preferences.


Upgrade your FX Impact air rifle with the BC Custom Carbon Fiber Shroud & Tensioner Kit, featuring the FX Clamp in a 500mm length. Experience enhanced accuracy, quieter shooting, and consistent performance. The lightweight, durable carbon fiber construction adds a sleek, customized appearance without compromising balance. Enjoy a simple installation process and get back to shooting with an elevated airgun experience.

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Additional Information

.177 Cal - .30 Cal
500mm Barrel
Model / Type:
Impact M3 w/ FX Clamp
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