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BC Custom

BC Custom - Carbon Fiber Tensioner, FX Impact M3 w/ FX Clamp, 500mm

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BC Custom Carbon Fiber Tensioner for FX Impact M3 with FX Clamp, 500mm - Precision Upgrades for Enhanced Performance


Elevate your FX Impact M3's performance with the BC Custom Carbon Fiber Tensioner for the 500mm barrel equipped with an FX Clamp. Developed through a collaboration between Bullet Central and Ernest Rowe, this precision-engineered tensioner is designed to enhance the stiffness and rigidity of your airgun, with options for further upgrades.

What Comes with the Tensioner

  • Carbon Fiber Tensioner: The main component designed to add tension and improve the rigidity of the barrel.
  • Optional Shroud: You can enhance the tensioner's functionality by purchasing a separate carbon fiber shroud to further increase the barrel's stiffness and stability.

Choosing the Right Tensioner Kit

  • With Clamp: If your FX Impact M3 includes a clamp, select the tensioner kit that includes a clamp to ensure a secure and optimal fit.
  • Without Clamp: For FX Impact M3 airguns without a clamp, choose the standard tension kit. Be mindful to select the correct kit to match your airgun’s configuration.

Installation Guide

  1. Prepare the Tensioner: Start by identifying the ends of the tensioner. The end with the recessed cut is designed to point downrange, which is the direction your shots will travel.
  2. Install the Tensioner: Slide the non-recessed end of the tensioner onto the rifle first, moving towards the muzzle end where it will be located.
  3. Secure the Tension Nut: At the downrange end of the tensioner, align and screw in the tension nut into the recessed cut. Utilize a 2mm Allen key in the tension nut's hole to tighten it firmly.
  4. Ensure Proper Alignment: Double-check that the tensioner is properly aligned along the barrel, with the tension nut securely tightened and the tensioner positioned correctly to maximize performance.

Benefits of the Carbon Fiber Tensioner

  • Weight Reduction: The lightweight carbon fiber material reduces the overall weight of the airgun, facilitating easier handling and maneuverability.
  • Increased Stiffness: By installing the tensioner, you increase the barrel's stiffness, which minimizes vibrations during shooting. This leads to enhanced accuracy and a more consistent shooting experience.


The BC Custom Carbon Fiber Tensioner for the FX Impact M3 with FX Clamp, 500mm, offers significant performance enhancements for your airgun. This upgrade not only improves the structural rigidity of the barrel but also provides a foundation for further enhancements with the optional shroud. Ideal for competitive shooters and airgun enthusiasts, this tensioner is an essential component for those looking to maximize their airgun's accuracy and stability.

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Additional Information

.177 Cal - .30 Cal
500mm Barrel
Model / Type:
Impact M3 w/ FX Clamp
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