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BC Custom

BC Custom - Precision Probe .30cal (FX 44.8gr)

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BC Custom - Precision Probe .30cal (FX 44.8gr)

BC Custom - Precision Probe .30cal (FX 44.8gr)

Unlock the full potential of your FX air rifle with the BC Custom Precision Probe .30 Cal (FX 44.8gr), a game-changer for shooters who prioritize precision and accuracy. This meticulously designed probe is the key to redefining your shooting experience, delivering unparalleled performance with every shot.

Enhanced Precision for Every Shot

With the BC Custom Precision Probe, your FX air rifle will benefit from a flawless fit and minimal shot inconsistency. This probe is tailor-made for .30 caliber FX air rifles, ensuring that each pellet is propelled with maximum efficiency, resulting in tighter groupings and significantly improved accuracy.

Optimized for FX Air Rifles

Specifically designed to complement FX air rifles, this probe integrates seamlessly, enhancing the rifle's capabilities. Whether for hunting, target shooting, or competitive use, the Precision Probe elevates the performance of your FX air rifle, ensuring every shot counts.

Superior Ballistic Performance

The BC Custom Precision Probe maximizes ballistic efficiency, reducing air loss and maintaining consistent velocities for improved long-range accuracy. This precision engineering ensures that shooters can achieve exceptional performance and consistency, shot after shot.

Built to Last

Constructed with durability in mind, the Precision Probe is made from high-quality materials that withstand diverse shooting environments. Its robust design guarantees long-lasting precision, allowing shooters to rely on their FX air rifle's performance over time.

Effortless Installation

Designed for quick and easy installation, the Precision Probe allows you to upgrade your shooting experience without hassle. Attach it to your FX air rifle and immediately notice the difference in precision and accuracy.

Calibrated for FX 44.8gr Pellets

For shooters using FX 44.8gr pellets, this probe is calibrated to provide the perfect fit, enhancing the pellets' trajectory and minimizing inconsistencies. This combination of probe and pellet ensures that shooters can consistently achieve superior results.

In conclusion, the BC Custom Precision Probe .30 Cal (FX 44.8gr) is an essential upgrade for FX air rifle owners seeking the apex of accuracy and performance. Experience the difference in your shooting accuracy and consistency. Elevate your shooting experience with BC Custom, where precision meets performance.

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