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BC Custom

BC Custom - Precision Probe, Panthera, .35cal

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BC Custom - Precision Probe, Panthera

BC Custom Precision Probe, Panthera

Enhance the performance and precision of your air rifle with the BC Custom Precision Probe, Panthera. Expertly crafted to extend 5mm longer than standard OEM probes, this custom probe ensures that pellets are seated deeper in the barrel liner. This design guarantees a complete seal of the pellet skirt, resulting in remarkably consistent energy spreads and standard deviations for each shot.

The Panthera's large valving and plenum make it possible to exceed the optimal pellet speed range of 850-965 fps. Our custom probe addresses this by featuring a reduced nozzle and transport size, effectively moderating the air flow. This adjustment leads to a consistent output, maintaining accuracy even amid pressure fluctuations from the plenum and valving. Expect a reduction in speed by 50-75 fps compared to the OEM probe, varying by caliber, enhancing the rifle's precision.

Additionally, our probe boasts a unique design that aligns flush with the rear action when cocked, preventing accidental ammunition falls into the actionÑa common issue with standard OEM probes. Choose the BC Custom Precision Probe, Panthera for an unparalleled shooting experience. Designed by Ernest Rowe, a name synonymous with quality and innovation in the air rifle world.

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