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Benchrite Rod Case Adapter (7mm to .30 cal)

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  • Two Benchrite Rod Case Adapters displayed on a white background. These brass adapters are designed to convert 7mm cleaning rods to fit .30 caliber cases, featuring a cylindrical shape with a securing set screw on the side for a secure fit.
  • Close-up image of two cleaning rods with Benchrite Rod Case Adapters attached, set against a red velvet background. The adapters connect the rods to the handles, converting 7mm rods for use with .30 caliber firearms, ensuring a precise fit and enhanced stability during maintenance.
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Benchrite Rod Case Adapter (7mm to .30 cal)

Benchrite Rod Case Adapter (7mm to .30 cal)

Elevate your cleaning rod's functionality with the Benchrite Rod Case Adapter (7mm to .30 cal). These brass collets provide a versatile solution for adapting any brand of cleaning rod to fit the Dewey Rod Case Collet on Benchrite Stainless Rod Cases.

Key Features:

  • Universal Compatibility: These small brass collets are designed to fit the diameter of the collet on Benchrite Dewey rod cases, allowing you to use any brand of cleaning rod with ease.
  • Secure Attachment: The brass adapter is 0.375Ó long and securely fastened to the cleaning rod with a small allen screw, ensuring a stable and reliable connection.
  • No Interference: The adapter is intended to be left on the cleaning rod and will not interfere with normal cleaning rod use, providing convenience during maintenance.
  • Two Size Options: Benchrite offers two sizes of adapters to accommodate various rod diameters Ð one for 22 cal. to 6.5 cal. rods and a larger diameter adapter for 270 to 30 cal. rods.

Upgrade your cleaning rod's versatility and compatibility with the Benchrite Rod Case Adapter (7mm to .30 cal). These brass collets are engineered for precision and ease of use, ensuring that you can utilize any brand of cleaning rod in Benchrite Stainless Rod Cases without limitations.

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