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Benchrite - Triple Cleaning Rod Case

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  • Close-up image of the Benchrite Triple Cleaning Rod Case featuring three metal cleaning rods with black rubberized grips, aligned parallel with a central black T-bar handle on a smooth wooden surface. Designed to protect and organize cleaning rods efficiently for firearm maintenance.
  • Vertical image of Benchrite Triple Cleaning Rod Case showing three cleaning rods with black and red grips, arrayed with a central black T-bar handle. Two rods feature robust black grips, while the other two have red ergonomic handles, all against a white backdrop, emphasizing their purpose for meticulous firearm maintenance.
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Benchrite Triple Cleaning Rod Case

Benchrite Triple Cleaning Rod Case for Match Shooters

Match shooters take their equipment seriously, and that includes their cleaning rods. When heading to the range for a match or practice session, it's common for shooters to carry at least two or even three cleaning rods. Benchrite understands the importance of protecting and organizing these valuable tools, which is why we've designed the ultimate cleaning rod case.

Our Benchrite Triple Cleaning Rod Case is the result of our commitment to creating the perfect solution for match shooters. Here's what sets our rod cases apart:

Unique Collet Method

We employ a unique collet method to securely hold your cleaning rods in the tubes. Say goodbye to nylon thumb screws, bungee cords, rubber bands, or hold-down blocks. Our precision-engineered collets provide a secure grip on the rods, and loosening them is as easy as a partial twist of the knurled collet nut.

Premium Materials

We believe in using the best materials for our rod cases. The tubes are made of durable stainless steel, ensuring longevity and protection for your cleaning rods. Our collets and tube connectors are crafted from high-quality Delrin, known for its strength and reliability. All connector set screws are stainless steel, and each tube end is fitted with a plug to further safeguard your rods.


Our rod cases are designed to accommodate Dewey cleaning rods without the need for adapters. For shooters with cleaning rods from other brands, we offer Rod Case Adapters that seamlessly fit all other brands of cleaning rods into our "Dewey" Rod Cases. This versatility ensures that our cleaning rod cases are suitable for a wide range of shooting enthusiasts.

Options to Meet Your Needs

We understand that every shooter has unique preferences and requirements. That's why our Triple Cleaning Rod Case is available in different configurations, including single rod cases, two rod sets, and three rod sets. Choose the option that best suits your needs and the number of cleaning rods you typically carry to the range.

Invest in Benchrite's Triple Cleaning Rod Case and experience the convenience, durability, and protection that match shooters demand. Our commitment to quality ensures that your valuable cleaning rods are always organized, secure, and ready for action.

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