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Berger Ammunition, 300 Winchester Magnum, 185gr, Classic Hunter, 70020, (Qty 20)

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  • Box of Berger Ammunition for 300 Winchester Magnum, 185gr Classic Hunter, model 70020, with two cartridges beside, on a white background.
  • Box of Berger 300 Winchester Magnum, 185gr Classic Hunter ammunition, model 70020, partially open to show the cartridges, on a white background.
  • A 300 Winchester Magnum, 185gr Classic Hunter cartridge by Berger Ammunition, model 70020, displayed on a transparent background.
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Berger Ammunition 300 Win Mag 185gr Classic Hunter - Modern Performance Meets Tradition

Berger Ammunition 300 Win Mag 185gr Classic Hunter - Modern Performance Meets Tradition

Experience the perfect blend of modern innovation and traditional hunting performance with Berger Ammunition's 300 Winchester Magnum 185 Grain Classic Hunter rifle ammunition. The 300 Winchester Magnum has long been favored by hunters for its exceptional long-range capabilities, making it a go-to cartridge for pursuing game of all sizes. This magnum cartridge offers the power needed for effective long-range shots, albeit with slightly more recoil compared to non-magnum 30 caliber cartridges.

The 30 Caliber 185 Grain Classic Hunter Rifle Bullet

The true magic of this round lies in the 30 Caliber 185 Grain Classic Hunter Rifle Bullet. It features a specialized hybrid shape meticulously designed to maximize ballistic coefficient (BC) while keeping the bullet relatively short compared to other hybrid bullets. This unique design allows the bullet to feed effectively through magazine-fed rifles, making it the highest-performing bullet in its weight class that can be used in standard factory hunting rifles with magazines.

Notably, many hunters have reported outstanding success using this round in semi-automatic platforms, including AR-style hunting rifles. This versatility makes it an excellent choice for various hunting scenarios.

Key Features of the Classic Hunter Hybrid Bullet

  • Hybrid Ogive: The hybrid ogive combines the best features of tangent and secant nose shapes, resulting in a bullet that's easy to tune and offers a flatter trajectory with less wind drift.
  • Consistent Core: Berger's exacting core manufacturing process ensures that each bullet is consistent, eliminating the need for weight sorting and delivering reliable drop, consistent BC, and superior accuracy.
  • Boat Tail: Boat tail bullets provide an aerodynamic advantage, particularly at longer ranges and during the transition from transonic to subsonic velocities.
  • J4 Hunting Jacket: The J4 Precision Bullet Jackets used in these bullets are renowned for their consistency and concentricity, resulting in exceptional performance. These jackets are designed to expand rapidly upon impact, producing hydrostatic shock and a significant wound cavity.

Product Information

If you're seeking top-notch hunting ammunition, the Berger Ammunition 300 Winchester Magnum 185gr Classic Hunter is an excellent choice. Here are the product details:

  • Cartridge: 300 Winchester Magnum
  • Bullet Style: Classic Hunter
  • Bullet Weight: 185gr
  • Muzzle Velocity: 3079 fps
  • Part Number: 65-70020
  • Quantity: 20 rounds

Elevate your hunting game with Berger Ammunition's Classic Hunter rifle ammunition. Experience the perfect union of modern technology and classic hunting performance. Whether you're pursuing small or large game in diverse environments, this ammunition delivers the precision and reliability you need for a successful hunt.

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Additional Information

.300 Winchester Magnum
Model / Type:
Classic Hunter
Projectile Weight:
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