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Berger Bullets

Berger Ammunition, 308 Winchester, 185gr, Classic Hunter, 60070, (Qty 20)

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  • Box of Berger Ammunition in 308 Winchester, 185gr, Classic Hunter, model 60070, with a 20-round quantity and two cartridges displayed, on a white background.
  • Box of Berger Ammunition for 308 Winchester, 185gr, Classic Hunter, model 60070, labeled as a 20-count box, on a neutral background.
  • Individual 308 Winchester, 185gr Classic Hunter cartridge by Berger Ammunition, model 60070, displayed on a transparent background.
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Berger Ammunition - 308 Winchester 185 Grain Classic Hunter

Berger's 308 Winchester 185 Grain Classic Hunter rifle ammunition is a modern twist on a classic hunting round. The 308 Winchester has been a favorite for generations and continues to be a staple cartridge for hunting game of all sizes.

The 30 Caliber 185 Grain Classic Hunter Rifle Bullet is where the magic of this round comes from. This Rifle Bullet features a specialty hybrid shape designed to maximize Rifle Bullet BC while keeping the Rifle Bullet relatively short compared to other hybrid Rifle Bullets, allowing it to feed effectively through magazine-fed rifles. This gives you the highest-performing Rifle Bullet in its weight class that can shoot out of a standard factory hunting rifle with a magazine. The slightly heavier 185-grain class Rifle Bullet provides a better ballistic coefficient and more stopping power with only a slight velocity loss compared to its 168-grain counterpart. It is ideal for a factory bolt rifle with a 1:12 twist or faster.

We load this round with premium 308 Winchester brass, a temperature-stable powder, and a match-grade primer to ensure that the round will perform exactly as expected in varied temperatures and altitudes. If you have a factory 308 Winchester rifle that uses a magazine, this is an ideal round for hunting small, medium, and even some larger game such as elk.

Classic Hunter Hybrid Features

  • Hybrid Ogive: Hybrid Ogives blend the best aspects of tangent and secant nose shapes into one ogive. Near the bearing surface, the shape starts off as a tangent, which makes it easy to tune, then transitions to a secant ogive, resulting in a flatter trajectory and less wind drift.
  • Consistent Core: Our exacting core manufacturing process eliminates the need for sorting by weight, providing you with more reliable drop, consistent BC, and better accuracy.
  • Boat Tail: Boat Tail bullets provide an aerodynamic advantage at longer ranges over their flat base counterparts, especially during the transition from transonic to subsonic velocities.
  • J4 Hunting Jacket: J4 Precision Bullet Jackets, with their exceptional consistency and concentricity, hold an unprecedented +/- .0003" tolerance. These hunting jackets are produced slightly thinner to allow for 2-3 inches of penetration before rapidly expanding, producing extreme hydrostatic shock and a massive wound cavity.

Product Information:

  • Cartridge: 308 Winchester
  • Bullet Style: Classic Hunter
  • Bullet Weight: 185gr
  • Muzzle Velocity: 2532
  • Part Number: 65-60070
  • Quantity: 20
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Additional Information

.308 Winchester
Model / Type:
Classic Hunter
Projectile Weight:
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