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Berger Bullets, .22 Cal, 80gr, VLD Target, 22422, (Qty 100)

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Berger Bullets .22 Cal 80gr VLD Target (Qty 100)

Berger Bullets .22 Cal 80gr VLD Target (Qty 100)

Experience superior long-range shooting with Berger Bullets' .22 Cal 80gr VLD Target Rifle Bullets, available in a quantity of 100. These bullets are engineered for precision and are favored by competitive shooters for their exceptional performance.

Key Features

  • Secant Ogive Design: The VLD Target Rifle Bullets feature a secant ogive design, reducing drag and ensuring a flatter trajectory. This design results in less wind drift and higher retained velocity compared to others, making them a top choice for long-range shooting.
  • Consistent Core: Berger's meticulous core manufacturing process ensures uniformity in weight and performance. When you choose Berger, you can count on reliable drop, consistent ballistic coefficients (BC), and outstanding accuracy.
  • Boat Tail: These bullets are equipped with a boat tail base, providing an aerodynamic advantage, especially at extended ranges. This design excels during the transition from transonic to subsonic velocities.
  • J4 Target Jacket: Berger's J4 Precision Bullet Jackets are renowned for their consistency and concentricity. With an impressive +/- .0003" tolerance, these jackets contribute to minimal dispersion at all shooting distances.


  • Caliber: .22 Caliber
  • Bullet Weight: 80 Grain
  • Product Line: VLD Target
  • G1 BC: 0.455
  • G7 BC: 0.233
  • G7 Form Factor: 0.976
  • Minimum Twist (or faster): 1 - 8
  • Ogive Style: Secant (VLD)
  • Base Style: Boat Tail
  • Jacket: J4 Target Jacket
  • Sectional Density: 0.228
  • Bullet Diameter: 0.224
  • OAL (Overall Length): 1.106
  • Base to Ogive: 0.57
  • Nose Length: 0.576
  • Bearing Surface: 0.339
  • Boat Tail Length: 0.191

Elevate your shooting game with Berger Bullets .22 Cal 80gr VLD Target Rifle Bullets. Their cutting-edge design and superior construction make them the preferred choice of competitive shooters who demand precision and consistency.

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Additional Information

.22 Cal
Model / Type:
VLD Target
Projectile Weight:
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