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Norma Ammunition

Norma Brass - .223 Rem., 20257212 (Box of 50)

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  • The image features a box of 50 Norma brass casings for .223 Remington cartridges. This product is typically used by precision shooters and reloaders who prefer to assemble their own rounds. The packaging prominently displays the Norma logo and includes a detailed description, emphasizing the high performance and reliability expected from such a reputable brand. The box design, incorporating a modern and tactical look, highlights the precision and quality control involved in the manufacturing of these brass casings, making them suitable for both competitive shooting and precision hunting applications.
  • The image shows two .223 Remington brass casings, which are part of a box of 50 from Norma. These casings are known for their high-quality construction, designed to provide reliability and consistency for reloaders and shooters. The casings appear shiny and are characteristic of the golden brass color typical for ammunition. They have a cylindrical shape with a bottleneck design, which is standard for this type of ammunition, helping to handle the high pressure generated upon firing. This type of brass is popular among competitive shooters and hunters for its performance and durability, allowing for multiple reloads.
  • The image showcases a .223 Remington brass casing from Norma, highlighted with a detailed description. This information emphasizes the high-quality manufacturing standards of Norma brass, which ensures precision and reliability for shooting and reloading. The brass casing depicted is designed for the .223 Remington cartridge, commonly used in shooting sports and hunting. The text likely details Norma's commitment to precise tolerances, the use of quality raw materials, and rigorous testing processes to ensure optimal performance and durability. This makes Norma brass a popular choice among shooters who require consistent and reliable components for their ammunition.
  • The image displays a .223 Remington brass casing from Norma, segmented to show different components and cross-sectional views, illustrating the internal grain structure and material quality. This detailed breakdown helps emphasize the brass's uniformity and high-quality manufacturing standards, essential for consistent ballistic performance. Such images are particularly useful for consumers and enthusiasts who appreciate the technical aspects of ammunition components.

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Norma Brass - .223 Remington Specifications

Norma Brass - .223 Remington: Unrivaled Precision and Longevity

With a legacy spanning over 100 years, Norma has been synonymous with precision and quality in ammunition manufacturing. The .223 Remington brass cases are engineered for unparalleled performance and durability, embodying Norma's commitment to excellence.

Key Features:

  • Neck: Annealed for elasticity and durability, finished with a polish for superior performance and appearance.
  • Shoulder: Dimensionally perfected headspace through proprietary tooling and extensive experience.
  • Body: Laboratory inspection ensures ideal hardness progression from neck to case head for reliability.
  • Tolerances: In-house tooling production guarantees the industry's tightest tolerances, down to 7 micrometers.
  • Flash Hole: Triple-checked for perfect centering and absence of burrs, offering benchrest quality in every case.
  • Primer Pocket: Hardness optimized for longevity, tested to withstand a minimum of ten reloading cycles.

The Norma .223 Remington brass cases are crafted from the finest raw materials, ensuring a long service life and numerous reloads without compromising quality. Choose Norma for your reloading needs and experience the difference precision manufacturing can make.

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.223 Remington
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