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Bix'n Andy

Bix'n Andy Rem 700 Competition Top Sears - 3.8mm (0.150")

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Bix'n Andy Rem 700 Competition Top Sears - Optimize Your Trigger Height

Bix'n Andy Rem 700 Competition Top Sears - Elevate Your Trigger Performance

Unlock the full potential of your rifle and trigger with Bix'n Andy Rem 700 Competition Top Sears. The height of your trigger's top sear plays a crucial role in achieving optimal performance, and these replacement Sears are here to help you achieve perfection in trigger engagement.

Choose Your Sear Height

Our Top Sears are compatible with the TacSport line of Bix'n Andy triggers and offer three height options to cater to your specific needs:

  • Low: 3.6mm / 0.142" - Ideal for shooters seeking a lower sear height for precise trigger control.
  • Medium (Standard): 3.8mm / 0.150" - The standard sear height included with the trigger, suitable for most rifles.
  • High: 4.0mm / 0.157" - For those who prefer a higher sear height, providing a unique trigger feel.

These Sears offer versatility, allowing you to fine-tune your trigger's top sear height according to your shooting style and preferences. Achieve perfect engagement with your firing pin for improved accuracy and control.

Precision in Performance

Adjusting your trigger's top sear height may sound technical, but it can make a world of difference in your shooting experience. The medium sear, which comes standard with the trigger, suits the majority of rifles, providing a reliable and consistent performance.

However, for those who demand precision and customization, our range of top sear heights ensures that you can optimize your trigger to meet your exact requirements. Experience enhanced control, smoother trigger pulls, and increased shot accuracy with Bix'n Andy Rem 700 Competition Top Sears.

Upgrade Your Trigger Performance

Don't compromise on trigger performance when you have the option to elevate it with Bix'n Andy Rem 700 Competition Top Sears. Whether you're a competitive shooter, a precision enthusiast, or simply want the best from your rifle, these Sears provide the solution you need.

Invest in the perfect sear height for your shooting style and enjoy the benefits of precise trigger engagement. Explore our range of Sears and discover how this technical alteration can transform your rifle's performance.

Choose Bix'n Andy for excellence in trigger accessories, and experience the difference in every shot.

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Stainless Steel
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Competition Trigger
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