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FatBoy Tripods

FatBoy - Side Chick

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  • The FatBoy 'Side Chick' support bracket system, featuring a green metallic structure with a black adjustment mechanism. The design includes a side clamp for attaching to a rifle or other equipment and a lengthy adjustable screw for precise positioning. This tool aids in enhancing stability and accuracy during use, displayed against a white background, highlighting its sleek and functional design.
  • A close-up of the FatBoy 'Side Chick' accessory, showing a green metallic bracket arm connected to a black carbon fiber rod. This assembly includes pivoting joints and a locking mechanism for adjustable support, demonstrating the product's versatility. The focus on the hardware details against a neutral background highlights the quality and functionality designed for precision equipment stabilization.
  • Innovative setup of the FatBoy 'Side Chick' accessory mounted on a tripod, featuring an extendable arm with a green bracket for equipment attachment. The system is designed to offer additional support and stability, with adjustable angles and lengths for precise positioning. The detailed assembly showcases the accessory's integration with the tripod, emphasizing its adaptability and the overall sturdiness of the design against a light background.
  • Partial view of the FatBoy 'Side Chick' mounting system, showing a green bracket connected to a black support rod, which is part of a larger tripod setup. The bracket includes a hinge and tightening knob for secure positioning, indicative of the system's customizable approach to equipment support. The image captures the interplay between the tripod head and the accessory, set against an off-white background to emphasize the engineering precision.
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FatBoy Tripods Side Chick: The Ultimate Tripod Attachment for Outdoor Convenience

Elevate your outdoor experience with the FatBoy Tripods Side Chick, a custom-designed tripod attachment created to enhance accessibility and efficiency during your outdoor adventures. Whether you're filming a hunt, managing gear, or keeping essential tools close, the Side Chick attachment offers unmatched versatility and convenience.

Custom Design for Optimal Accessibility

The Side Chick attachment by FatBoy Tripods is specifically engineered to keep your essential tools within easy reach:

  • Multi-Angle Adjustability: This feature allows you to position devices like smartphones, cameras, or remote controls at various angles, ensuring they are always accessible and securely held in place.
  • Versatile Tool Holder: Ideal for a range of outdoor activities, the Side Chick can securely hold your phone while you film, keep a predator call remote ready, or hold any small essential tool you need quick access to.

Key Features and Specifications

The FatBoy Tripods Side Chick is designed not only for functionality but also for ease of use, making it an essential companion for any outdoor enthusiast:

  • Thread Pitch: Compatible with 1/4-20 threads, the Side Chick offers a universal fit for a wide range of devices and tools, ensuring easy installation and a secure hold.
  • Durable Construction: Crafted with high-quality materials, the Side Chick is built to withstand the elements and the rigors of outdoor use.

Enhance Your Outdoor Efficiency

With the FatBoy Tripods Side Chick, you'll find that managing your equipment in the field becomes more streamlined and hassle-free:

  • Easy Installation: Quickly attach or detach the Side Chick to your tripod, allowing for flexible use as your activity demands.
  • Improved Accessibility: Keep your essential gadgets and tools an arm's length away, enhancing your ability to react or adjust to the situation without missing a beat.


The FatBoy Tripods Side Chick is an indispensable tool for anyone who requires quick access to their equipment while in the field. Its adjustable design and durable construction make it an ideal choice for hunters, filmmakers, and outdoor enthusiasts looking to maximize their efficiency and convenience. Try out the Side Chick on your next adventure and experience the practical benefits it brings to your outdoor pursuits.

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