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Fix It Sticks

Fix It Sticks - Field Maintenance Kit with Deluxe Case

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  • Fix It Sticks Field Maintenance Kit laid out in front of its deluxe case, featuring various colored torque limiters, a T-handle wrench, and assorted bits, all bearing the Bullet Central logo, indicating high-quality, precision tools for equipment maintenance.
  • Fix It Sticks Field Maintenance Kit displayed with a T-handle wrench and interchangeable bits organized in black holders, including a green-topped torque limiter for precision adjustments, essential for detailed equipment repair and maintenance.
  • A T-shaped Fix It Sticks tool with an extended silver shaft, an orange central grip, and a red torque limiter attached, designed for precise, adjustable torque application in field maintenance tasks.
  • A set of Fix It Sticks torque limiters in various colors including red, gold, green, and blue, each engraved with the brand name, indicating different torque settings for precise equipment adjustments.
  • Black deluxe case for Fix It Sticks Field Maintenance Kit, featuring a durable, textured exterior with MOLLE webbing for attachment options, designed to hold and organize tools for easy transport and access.
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Fix-It Sticks Field Maintenance Kit with Deluxe Case

Introducing the Fix-It Sticks Field Maintenance Kit with Deluxe Case, the ultimate companion for firearm maintenance, whether you're in the field, at the range, or at home. This comprehensive kit is designed to provide precision and convenience for firearm enthusiasts and marksmen of all levels.

Kit Includes:

  • 65 Inch Lbs miniature torque limiter
  • 45 Inch Lbs miniature torque limiter
  • 25 Inch Lbs miniature torque limiter
  • 15 Inch Lbs miniature torque limiter
  • T-Way T-Handle Wrench
  • 16 different bits
  • 1/2in Socket and 1/4in bit adapter set
  • Deluxe Zippered pouch
  • Extended 3/16in Ball End Hex bit designed to reach the action screws of popular Chassis systems such as JAllen, Accuracy International, Remington 700, and Masterpiece Arms.

Compact and Universal

This kit contains 4 miniature torque limiters, ranging from 15 to 65 inch-pounds, ensuring that you have the right tool for various firearm adjustments. It also includes a versatile T-Way wrench, 16 different bits, and essential socket and bit adapters. Despite its comprehensive nature, the kit remains compact and easy to carry, making it an ideal addition to your range bag or home workshop.

Precision and Care

No more over-tightening or guesswork. Each torque limiter included in this Fix-It Sticks Torque Limiter Tool Kit delivers an audible click when the desired torque is reached, allowing you to fine-tune your firearm with the utmost care and precision. Whether you're tightening scope mounts or action screws, you can trust this kit to help you achieve optimal performance.

Convenient and Organized

The field maintenance kit is neatly organized in a zippered Deluxe case, ensuring that your tools are readily accessible and well-protected. This convenient case can easily become a permanent inhabitant of your range bag, making firearm maintenance a breeze wherever you go.

A Must-Have Companion

Whether you're at the range, in the field, or at home, the Fix-It Sticks Field Maintenance Kit with Deluxe Case is a must-have companion for every firearm enthusiast. It empowers you to make quick and easy adjustments, ensuring your firearm is in top-notch condition. Elevate your firearm maintenance game with this compact and versatile kit that meets the demands of both precision shooting and general gun care.

Invest in your shooting success and firearm care today with the Fix-It Sticks Field Maintenance Kit with Deluxe Case. Don't settle for anything less than the best when it comes to firearm maintenance choose Fix-It Sticks and experience the difference for yourself.

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