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FX Airguns - Dreamline Light / Dreamline Tactical Bottle Adapter

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FX Airguns - Dreamline Bottle Adapter with AMP Regulator

FX Airguns - Dreamline Bottle Adapter with AMP Regulator

Enhance your FX Dream-Lite or Dream-Tac air rifle with the revolutionary bottle adapter from FX Airguns. This adapter seamlessly integrates with your air rifle, significantly increasing air capacity and extending shooting sessions. Tailored for the FX 500cc aluminum or 480cc carbon-fiber air bottles, it's the ultimate upgrade for any serious airgun enthusiast.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Built-in AMP Regulator: Equipped with FX's Adjustable Match Precision (AMP) regulator for consistent shot-to-shot performance.
  • Enhanced Air Capacity: Compatible with 500cc aluminum and 480cc carbon-fiber bottles, offering substantial air capacity increases.
  • Shot Count Advantage:
    • .177 Caliber: Up to 190 shots with aluminum, 180 with carbon-fiber.
    • .22 Caliber: Up to 135 shots with aluminum, 130 with carbon-fiber.
    • .25 Caliber: Up to 105 shots with aluminum, 100 with carbon-fiber.
    • .30 Caliber: Up to 42 shots with aluminum, 40 with carbon-fiber.
  • Easy Installation: Designed for quick and straightforward attachment to your Dreamline air rifle, enhancing its performance with minimal effort.

Why Upgrade with the FX Bottle Adapter?

The FX Airguns Dreamline Bottle Adapter with AMP Regulator is more than just an accessory; it's a transformational upgrade that maximizes your air rifle's potential. Enjoy longer shooting sessions, consistent accuracy, and the reliability that comes with FX's innovative airgun technology. Make the switch today and experience the difference in your Dreamline air rifle's performance.

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