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FX Airguns - Dreamline Tactical, Compact Bottle, .22 Cal (FXDT33129)

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FX Airguns Dreamline Tactical Compact Bottle .22 Cal

FX Dreamline Tactical Compact Bottle .22 Cal: Ultimate Customization and Performance

FX Airguns introduces the FX Dreamline Tactical Compact Bottle in .22 Cal (FXDT33129), a revolutionary airgun system that marries the versatility of AR components with the precision and adaptability of modern airguns. Designed for enthusiasts seeking a customizable shooting experience, this compact model does not sacrifice performance for size, making it perfect for on-the-go adventures.

Dreamline Tactical: AR Customization Meets Airgun Precision

The Dreamline Tactical version stands out by offering the flexibility to incorporate mil-spec AR parts, including a receiver tube and a full Picatinny scope rail. Its modular design lacks a rear stock and buffer tube, allowing shooters to personalize their airgun according to their preferences and needs. This compact powerhouse is your canvas, ready to be transformed with common AR parts and accessories.

Revolutionary Dreamline Concept

The FX Dreamline redefines airgun flexibility with its fully modular system, enabling shooters to switch configurations with ease. From converting a hunting bullpup for a weekend field target match to customizing a classic sporter rifle with favorite AR furniture, the possibilities are endless. The Dreamline's innovation extends to the acclaimed FX Smooth Twist X (STX) barrel system, allowing for caliber and barrel liner changes to accommodate various projectiles and shooting requirements.

Unmatched Precision and Adjustability

The Dreamline Tactical is equipped with the new AMP Regulator, offering external adjustments for pressure without the need to degas the rifle. Together with the ability to fine-tune valve flow, hammer tension, and regulator pressure, this airgun ensures precision accuracy and adaptability to any shooting scenario.

Effortless Operation and Enhanced Capacity

Featuring a large capacity rotary magazine and an effortlessly smooth cocking side lever, the Dreamline Tactical ensures that shooters can stay focused on their target without interruption. The compact edition is available in various calibers, each equipped with a foldable stock adaptor, providing additional flexibility and portability.

Experience the unmatched versatility and performance of the FX Dreamline Tactical Compact Bottle .22 Cal. With its AR customization options, precision engineering, and compact design, this airgun is the perfect choice for shooters who demand the best in adaptability and performance. Embark on your next shooting adventure with the confidence that only FX Airguns can provide.

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.22 Cal
500mm Barrel
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